WTF Alert: Did Kendall Jenner Get Lip Injections?

Something seems, shall we say, different about Kendall Jenner, who posted a pouty new pic on Instagram yesterday.

kendall jenner


Ugh–the sparrow face alone is enough to make me want to splash wine on her Birkin. But her oddly puffy mouth just pushes me over the edge.

Did she get her lips boosted with some Restalyne or collagen? God knows surgery of all sorts runs in the family, but perhaps she’s just fiddling around with some plumping lip gloss? Here’s a pic of KJ a few months ago–also doing sparrow face, double ugh–for comparison:

kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner Instagram

Has Kendall been accompanying Kim to the plastic surgeon’s office? Or is her pout just the result of a killer lip gloss?


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  1. MedullaPancreas Said:

    This poor girl is surrounded by plastic surgery nuts and will ruin her looks, too, if she doesn’t leave that disturbed pac.

  2. Perrie Said:

    I doubt it. It’s probably a lot of lip gloss and the angle of the photo.

  3. Steph Said:

    Her nose looks different/smaller, too, so it’s either photoshop or she got more done than lips…PS what the heck is sparrow face?

  4. Insider Said:

    So I agree with steph. She most probably got more done than just her lips as her nose has really changed, yeah or photoshop. Weird kid getting plastic surgery at 17!

  5. Heather Assad Said:

    The girl is beautiful hands down and I think that if you have anything negative to say, you are just plain jealous of her. She is not old enough to have a past!!!!

  6. TLT Said:

    Well she could have that new lip gloss that irritates the lips so they plump. She may not have injections.

  7. Jaden Said:

    anybody thinking she got work done at 17… -.- shaking my head. lip liner, highlight on the right areas and some sort of lipgloss like this ‘lip injection extreme’ by too faced. works wonders. the power of makeup. calm your tits.

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