Hot Mess Alert: Kendall Jenner Makes a Bold/Flat Fashion Statement

Celebrate your body, I suppose? Kendall Jenner wore her flat chest loud and proud at Coachella, with a sweatshirt proclaiming, “I Have No Tits.” Apparently, “Photograph Me, I Am In Need Of Attention” was sold out in the model-slash-reality star’s size. (See a snapshot of her fashion don’t here.)


I already despise all text-based clothing (sorry, Beyonce), but this is right on the level of those trashy “I’m With Stupid” shirts that poor people in cartoons wear. It is certainly a fashion low, even for the Kardashian Klan.

Kendall’s proclamation shirt was just another terrible addition to her Coachella wardrobe, which began with a selfie of an oversized nose ring. Lovelies: nose rings of any size are to be avoided, but especially of this size.

So was Kendall making some lowbrow joke that I just don’t get? Or is this shirt tacky for no reason? What did you think of her loud and proud fashion statement?

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