Cute or Ew: Kendall Jenner Models at Fashion Week

Last week at the Marc Jacobs show for NY Fashion Week, I was shocked to see none other than Kendall Jenner strut down the runway, but not because she was showing off her lady bits in a see-through shirt. The fact that she was walking in such a prestigious show was tres stunning–models work their entire careers to achieve such an honor!

But KJs presence on the runway wasn’t just a fluke. It’s currently London Fashion Week and she turned up on the Giles runway alongside such pros as Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn!

kendall jenner


I hate to admit it, but KJ is a fairly good model. She has the walk, the ‘tude and the look to make it on the runway, but does she deserve to? Is it fair that she sauntered straight from Kim Kardashian’s shadow onto fashion’s most prestigious stages? Or should she have to work her way up the beautiful ranks just like every other model?

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  1. Marcie Said:

    Do any of them deserve it? Any modle on any runway didn’t get there by pure chance. The reason they’re there is probably because they knew someone who knew someone who could make it happen for them. The fact that, that someone who knew someone that made it happen for Kendall was her über famous sister Kim K shouldn’t be reflected negatively on Kendall. She’s making in a world she’s probably always dreamed of and people should jut let her be and let her fulfill her dreams!

  2. eli peña Said:

    Real models work hard their entire life to be on this runways, kendall got it easy i don´t like it

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