Are Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles Officially BF/GF? See What Kendall Says…

It stands to reason that if you’re not dating someone, you come right out and say so. I for one am not dating Ian Somerhalder…although I richly wish that weren’t true. So when a starlet plays coy about her relationship status with someone, you can bet that something is going on. Case in point, Kendall Jenner, who says a lot by saying nothing at all when it comes to her cross-country fling, Harry Styles.

“Nothing to say,” she told E!. “No deets.”

Notice she didn’t say no romance, n’est ce pas¬†Directioners? But Kendall did admit that she’s off the market…take a peek.

kendall jenner harry styles


Oh ha ha KJ, taken by¬†your sister, how droll. I for one feel that Kendall, as a reality star, has the obligation to dish the dirt on her romances just a wee bit. Otherwise, why are you even doing an interview? About what? The Nobel Prize you’re up for? The cathedral you finished building?

I don’t need her to take sister Kim’s route and set up a camera in the bedroom (shudder), but a few juicy morsels on her dates with Harry would be nice. After all Kendy, trying to keep gossip under wraps just makes me all the more eager to get it…and you know I always do. XOXO.


  1. Meaghan Said:

    Hey if there was a Harry Styles and WHOEVER sex tape out there I wouldn’t complain just sayin’

  2. Someone Said:

    I’m happy if he’s happy but personally I dislke this relationship and hope it isn’t real. Because I swear if she’s his new years kiss!! >:( #hayloralloveragain

  3. anongalxoxo Said:

    wow now I really wanna know , plz get more info GG xoxo

  4. anongalxoxo Said:

    I for one do not really care x

  5. Karina Said:

    To be honest, I can’t say anything against Kendall. I don’t know her. If Harry’s happy so am I but I’m getting a little, lol idk how to put this but I mean Harry got an earring, lots of tattoos, he’s dating someone related to a Kardashian and we all know how those relationships go… I’m just saying I remember when Harry was always like, Models aren’t really my type, I like it when girls are REAL. I’m sorry to offend Harry because I love him but if that’s true why are you dating Kendall Jenner??

  6. Fatimasaleem Said:

    Tbh I really don’t like Kendall bt it’s Harry’s decision that he likes her or nt bt idts that wud be a gud couple

  7. Dinah Said:

    In all honesty I agree with Karina because I mean really I’ve heard of the past relations ships and it’s always 3 months and no more! Even though I heard his cousin says he is the one to get dumped not him dumping the girl. But really please for the sack of your fans Harry Find a real girl that really is not a model, actress, singer anyone that is famous. Just a regular girl that is right for you. Because I really don’t see relationships like that anymore. I just know this isnot gonna last long.

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