Caption This: Kendall Jenner Poses For Pic Without Shirt Or Bra

Kendall Jenner The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection


Considering how frigid it is on the Upper East Side, the idea of exposing one’s skin sounds downright miserable right now. In these temps, sexy is defined as a warm designer sweater, over-the-knee boots, and the warmest coat you can find. But it seems those over on the west coast don’t really understand the concept of cold, and therefore don’t really understand the purpose of a jacket either. To them, it’s just a tease in a seductive photo shoot.

Case in point, Kendall Jenner, who posed for W‘s scandalous spread in nothing but a light leather jacket. It gives me the chills, but not the good kind…

Isn’t it funny how Kendall, who is biting her lip, is trying to appear as though she’s done something naughty? I thought this could be a perfect round of my favorite game, “Caption This!” What could KJ have possibly done that was sooooo bad? Keep it PG-13, kids! XOXO


  1. lsadfds Said:

    Be the next skank in line after her sister.

  2. Jenna Said:

    Looks like kim has been training her. tsk… i am tired of hearing about this trash family

  3. Helena Said:

    Love it. Very edgy. Young models reveal a hell of a lot more than that all the time. This is conservative compared to many other scandalous things occurring in the media.

  4. diana Said:

    I say let her be. Who cares what she does. She’s only as famous as we let her be.

  5. Sam Said:

    Who cares i am so happy to FINALLY see the end of the ugly duck face

  6. ujvgk Said:

    maybe harry will realize that although kendall may be by far the most attractive, the kardashian family are cheap and have little respect for themselves. it’s in there blood to have minimal integrity that stems from Kris. This photo isn’t amazingly revealing or anything, but you’d think a brit who’s target market is young impressionable girls would be after someone a bit more wholesome with a bit more class. All the Kardashians have is Klass and arse.

  7. sarah Said:

    i see no boobs. #flatasatack

  8. Kalyn Said:

    Some lip bites look downright sexy, but hers just looks awkward. It looks like she’s missing half of her bottom lip and her mouth is permanently like that :/

  9. Mary Said:

    She is thinking as she bites her lip. I knew my dad wouldn’t have my bra back in time for my photo shoot. That’s the last time I let him borrow it on a work day!

  10. Mike Said:

    Isn’t she over 18? Not sure what the big deal about it is. People make too big a deal about this kinda stuff.

  11. Karla Girl Said:

    Wild Thang ~ ~~~`

  12. Kayla Said:

    She’s not even pretty tho, tbh. She’s trying so hard to look sexy it’s embarrassing lmao. Kendall you’re ugly and you’re an attention skank, please go away and take your trash sisters and mom with you.

  13. Anonymous Said:

    It is unfortunate to see in these comments that people can be so hateful. This world would be even the tiniest bit more peaceful if we could lift and enlighten others, and be positive influences in society. The mean words should be a reminder of how reflecting on one’s self could make us want to be better people.

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