Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez’s Awkward Run-In at a Party

The only thing more awkward than a run-in with an ex is a run-in with the person responsible for the breakup. Oh, the anger! I know because I’ve received that wrath before (What? Did you think my updates don’t cause actual harm? I hate being the one to tattle, but sometimes people need to know who they’re dealing with, and if that causes a breakup, then fine, I’m a bad person…you’re too kind.)

Anyway, I digress. As you know Selena Gomez had a falling out with bestie Kendall Jenner, and rumor has it their fight was over Justin Bieber. To add even more fuel to the fire, KJ and JB were caught having dinner together in NYC after all of this went down.

kendall jenner and selena gomez


But Hollywood is much like the Upper East Side, and everyone seems to run in the same circles. That means, you have to put on a smile and suck it up when you see your enemy out and about (GG Tip: you can also reserve your claws just in case they need to come out, but no sense in causing a scene because my spies are everywhere.)

So when Selena and Kendall saw each other at a dinner party, they simply acted cordial and stayed far apart the rest of the evening, according to a spy. “They said hi to each other but sat on opposite sides of the table,” a party-goer told Us Weekly.

Feel that, darlings? The temperature just dropped 20 degrees. Talk about a cold shoulder…

Do you think the girls handled the situation maturely or do you secretly wish a catfight would have happened? After all, it’s not a true party until something gets broken. XOXO


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  2. dan Said:

    Selena should forget about Justin because as soon as the Jenner girl gets the headlines for stealing(fucking) Justin she will drop him and go after the next most popular boy just like her sister has done. I guess that makes them fell important for some reason.

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