Feud Alert! Kendall Jenner vs. Frances Bean Cobain

Kurt Cobain’s grouchy daughter Frances didn’t take too kindly to a recent tweet by Kardashian beauty Kendall Jenner, in which KJ whined…

kendall jenner twitter


…and I can’t say I blame her. Really Kendall, what exactly is the problem? Seat’s too hot in your Range Rover (admittedly, I do hate that)? Private jet out of your favorite snacks (that always irks me too)? So beautiful you can’t find enough mirrors to admire yourself in (tell me about it)? Whatever was ruffling KJ’s feathers, Frances was in no mood to hear it and fired back a series of vitriolic tweets declaring Kendall a “f*cking idiot” for being so “self involved.”

  • oh shh. There are kids on earth abandoned&homeless who forcibly drink contaminated water because clean water isn’t accessible
  • oh ya, not to mention, CANCER, famine, poverty, drought, disease, natural disasters, Death. F–k, Humans are so self involved
  • I’d like to thank my parents for providing me with a high IQ & I’d like to thank my grams for encouraging me not to be a self absorbed idiot


Tell us how you really feel Frances darling! While her tweets were a grammatical nightmare, her sentiment was in the right place. Does gorgeous, rich, spoiled Kendall have a reason to complain about ANYTHING, least of all in public?

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  1. Tiffany Said:

    That’s so rude. Everyone has bad days, even the rich and beautiful. I mean come on, Kendall is like 17 years old. Get off her back.

  2. sami Said:

    So what if Kendall is rich and beautiful? She is still human and goes through problems. Frances took the tweet waaaay out of context.

  3. Anabelle Whitepaws Said:

    We ALL have bad days… This reproduction of a dead junkie and a walking corpse should understand that! I mean… d@mn, is the envy THAT deep? Dafuq…

  4. Clorissa Said:

    I agree. Just because she’s rich and pretty doesn’t mean she doesn’t have bad days. Remember the saying money doesn’t buy happiness. She’s allowed a bad day just as the rest of us are. Back off.

  5. Nani Said:

    @Anabelle Whitepaws, sure everyone has bad days. But calling Kurt a junkie is quite rude. He was and is a legend and should be respected. Don’t disrespect a dead man, besides his drug use he was a great person and musician. I would like to see how you react under such pressure he was on.

  6. Ruby Said:

    Kendall on the outside seems to have everything and problems are relative but Frances’ dad (Kurt Cobain) shot himself (or maybe murdered) while she was still a baby and has to live with Courtney Love as a mother so Kendall’s life does seem all perfect compared to someone like Frances, but Frances does have life experience and that comes with a broader mind which I value more, something Kendall doesn’t seem to have.

  7. Zoey Person Said:

    Good. Least someone understands that. Kendall life isn’t even bad. It’s perfect. Maybe the only thing bad is the whorish family she has.

  8. sunshine Said:

    Just because someone has it worse doesn’t mean you dont have it bad.

  9. EricaBossLady Said:

    I think clearly Frances took what KJ said to heart. I think KJ is entitled to her feelings. I mean everyone does have a bad day every now and then. Why is Frances acting like she knows what KJ is going through anyway?

  10. sally Said:

    Such immature comments. Francis is obviously jealous. If she is so compassionate, that should include all people. Her dad was rich and famous and had it all and still killed himself so duh, everyone has bad days.

  11. Tmarieisanidiot Said:

    You go, Francis. A tad bit harsh, but you go girl. How is she jealous of KJ when her father is Kurt Cobain? Kurt mother fucking Cobain; who happens to be an actually talented musician, unlike the Kardashians who are just famous for being famous.

  12. IRIS Said:


  13. Erica Said:

    Frances definitely got her wit and intelligence from her father. Also, nice to see her pay respect to her grandma, who actually got guardianship of her after Courtney finally went off the deep end.

  14. jane Said:

    So you think that if someone is automatically born a bit wealthier they should by law live in crappy conditions, just cause daughter of trainwrecks , doesn’t like it and forgot to take her meds.
    Why doesn’t she work her ass off, get rich, feed all the hungry and homeless and shut the hell up! Why don’t you mind you mind your own business Frances? You bitched for the love of bitching.
    I can’t wait till she makes it big, has a bad day so i can come back and SLAM HER like that too.

  15. Dora Glasberg Said:

    It’s a bad day for any of Kris Jenner’s kids when there’s
    no photographer around. Note to Kendell” It’s strictly Catalog work
    for you

  16. mike Said:

    Tired of the B.S. with this family’s of crap, false weddings, Bruce dumping his asshole wife, no s..t. Look at how fast the bitch did damage control. Bruce should dump her and take half. She is a slut and her daughter Kim is so far up her moms ass how can she see. Did you know every time Kim leaves anywhere she text all the assholes to come and take her picture. What I would like to see and it would sell millions. A sex tape of her pregnant.

  17. Terry Said:

    Kendall nice come back she does not even know what you were referring too there are a lot of things we wish could be easier in life and it does not always refer to money.Bad things happen to everyone does not matter if you have money.sounds like Frances may be jealous her parents weren’t smart enough to secure her future because they were too busy with drugs.Frances you need to get a job to take up some time and make some money of your own so people can say smart remarks about you and see how

  18. holly Said:

    If Kendall didn’t want the backlash, she shouldn’t have tweeted it
    When will people learn that privacy is the most valuable thing nowadays?
    You all think your crap is so important that you have to constantly tell everyone on the internet about it, when really, there are people who would die to be where you are right now, and if they were, instead of tweeting about it, they’d actually ENJOY it, and LIVE it.
    They’re both in the wrong

  19. EZMoneyFreak Said:

    People invest more time in your future instead!! ..For Real !!
    I am now rich!! YEA BABY!!..
    With some time invested & in just less than a year..

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