Fashion Faceoff: Kendall vs Kylie Jenner at the MuchMusic Awards

Whoever tapped Kendall and Kylie Jenner to host Canada’s MuchMusic Awards is seriously deranged–Kendall couldn’t even introduce 5 Seconds of Summer–but not half as misguided as whoever dressed them for the event…

Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

From far away and with something in your eye, the girls almost look good. Kylie’s green hair is finally goneĀ and ivory is tres hot this season. And then you look closer and realize that these girls aren’t wearing any undergarments. Either of them. And you also realize that Kendall is one gust of wind away from basically becoming Kim Kardashian, and Kylie isn’t doing much better. I mean could she pile on a little more makeup? Is that even possible? You could see that contouring from space, Kylie.

I understand that these girls are “wise beyond their years”–or whatever you call someone who’s been on TV since they were 9–but can someone remind them that they are still teenagers and shouldn’t be dressing quite so…oh what’s the word I’m looking for, lambs? Help me fill in the blank and also tell me if one sis was pulling off their look or if they’re both tacky to the max?


  1. ggf Said:

    Get a life, GG. This article is stupid like most of them. Why do i bother commenting? Well, this is the first and the last time. So fed up with your trivial headlines. UNLIKE.
    P.S. you don’t even know if they BOTH are without undergarments, so why claim it? You are no better than Kardashians, so STFU!

  2. frozenelsa Said:

    “You are no better than Kardashians, so STFU!” Honey, shut up and sit down. Gossip Girl will probably never read your comment so why bother? LoLz

  3. ohlala Said:

    Growing up with the Kardashians… they became normal after all! Sex tapes, DUIs, cheating and cameras 24/7 can make everyone go cra-zay!

  4. s Said:

    Sluts to the max. Little girls should not be dressed like this. Youd think after kim they would be more mature…looks like less mature just like the comment above.

  5. constance Said:

    The dressing is smipley not gud at all even for adult talkless of children,where is there parent when they dress like hawker? Parent should guide there chldern no matter how grown up they are,this dressing is not for well trained chidern and people from a responsiable home.

  6. Betsy Said:

    Looks like 2 “clean” hookers

  7. leona Said:

    Kids should dress like kids, they are far too young and even of they were adults then I would still think the dresses show far too much to be classy.

  8. Logsn Said:

    I think Kylie is pulling off her look, and also probably wearing underwear. I have no idea what the hell Kendall was thinking.

  9. Chris Said:

    If you think girls at that age should be wearing stuff like that, you’re deranged. And it’s not even attractive. I find nothing hot about Kendall’s dress. It looks like a curtain drape that someone forgot to sew together.

  10. Elysha Said:

    Kendall and Kylie are 18&16 years old!!! And you are spending your time judging them, they are teenagers and sti learning. And they both look incredible, it’s called fashion

  11. LizzyS Said:

    Kendall just looks(hate to say it but) slutty but I think Kylie actually looks nice her dress is daring and sexy (which is ok) without looking like she is trying to hard Kendall looks like she trying to hard for everyone to notice her which is totally unnecessary as she is stunning

  12. Sasha Said:

    Kylie’s dress looks like it belongs at a figure-skating tournament and her make-up is a bit full-on. In saying that, she’s 16 and I think she’s entitled to some facial faux pas, lord knows I have had, and am still having, my share. I’m not the biggest fan of the embellishment on Kendall’s dress and I think if the split had of been at the bottom of her hip, rather than nearing her waist, it would have been remarkable although for an 18 year old I think she carries such a sophisticated dress well.

  13. sam Said:

    Bring the big gossip….

  14. Jewels Said:

    Anyone who thinks it is okay for teenagers to dress like this has no common sense. It is GROSS.

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