WTF Alert: Is Kesha Photoshopping Her Instagram Pics?

“Wow I really wish I had a better idea of what Kesha’s butt looked like,” said no one ever. ¬† But, that didn’t stop K-money from posting not one, not two, but three¬†booty pics in the last few weeks–and it looks like someone has learned to use Photoshop!







This last picture truly is a monument to editing, darlings. She’s practically blurred out her own underwear line in an attempt to make her derriere look smooth as Gisele’s.

But could I be oh-so-cynical per usual? Do you think Kesh has been kicking ass in the gym…or just kicking her Facetune app into overdrive?

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  1. Jenni Said:

    Who cares she’s too weird anyway….I’m suprised it’s not pics of her rolling around in a dumpster of glitter!

  2. mare Said:

    Why do all of these talentless blobs insist on showing us their butts?

  3. Luke Said:


  4. Cornelia Said:

    shes the best

  5. me Said:

    jenny,that would be cool!!

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