Ke$ha Hits on Harry Styles — Did She Snag Him?

Ke$ha outside the BBC Radio 1 studios


Ke$ha – covered in glitter and desperation — put the moves on heartthrob Harry Styles during a radio interview with DJ Nick Grimshaw on Friday. The DJ, knowing the K-money has mentioned her crush on the One Direction member in the past, called up Harry and put the two awkwardly on the spot.

The Tik Tok singer likened Harry to a young Mick Jagger, saying, “He has a good mouth. It’s true, I’m not trying to be a weird pervert but yeah, he’s cute.” Nick then asked her what she’d rate him, and she gave him a 10. Then he patched a call through leaving Harry himself having to listen to the dirty singer gush like a little school girl.

“I’m really sorry, this is super embarrassing,” she said to Harry, who was on a bus to Canada. He insisted he’s “never been a 10,” to which she replied, “You’re a 10 in my eyes.” Vom.

What if the universe played a cruel joke on us and these two actually dated? Do you think it’d be kind of cute, or seriously Blah Blah Blah?? Tell me in a comment below!


  1. F. Said:

    I cannot believe. This did not happen! He totally ditched her! HAHA

  2. JC Said:

    I honestly don’t think Harry is good enough for Ke$ha

  3. Madison Said:

    Okay, he texted Grimmy and said “was that okay,” his best friend, so clearly he thinks Ke$ha’s cute too. deal with it. This made me love her, it wasn’t that awkward, it was adorable. The end.

  4. babs Said:

    awwww, that was so cute! what the fuck’s your definition of “awkward”?!

  5. HarryLover Said:

    Kesha is so blaaaa just hate her…

  6. sami Said:

    I thought she was into guys with beards.

  7. Georgia Rose Said:

    Ew I hate KESHA. Just ugh. Harry is better off with someone else or maybe just single

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