Love or Loathe: Kesha’s Latest Hair Color

Another day, another pastel hair color for Kesha. The Warrior singer posted a pic of her new look on Instagram over the weekend, showing off her long mint-green locks while she casually posed in her lacy bra–because how else are you supposed to show off your makeover?

Kesha mint green hair


I can’t decide if this new color is a tribute to My Little Pony or if K just stayed out in the chlorine too long, but I kind of love it and hate it at the same time… if that’s even possible. Kesha has really made over her image since her stint in rehab earlier this year, leaving her dark and dirty beauty habits behind and opting for softer, happier looks. So, for that, I applaud her. But this particular color washes her out and reminds me of the color my sea-sick minion turned while we were on the yacht last week.

Either way, I don’t think this is a permanent thing. It appears as though Kesha has been trying out a variety of different wigs, and this is just one of them.

But if she were going to pick one of these rainbow hues for real, which one would get your vote?

kesha hair colors





  1. Kaley Said:

    I really like her pastel styles (usually) and in my opinion the blue and pink are probably the best ones.

  2. Nuzhat Said:

    I just want her to go back to having just blonde hair,or the one in the middle.It suits her best.This mint colored one isn’t that bad either though.I mean it’s not awesome but not bad either.

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