Are Kevin and Joe Jonas Going on Tour Without Nick?

While Beyonce and Jay Z are going On the Run, I hear that Kevin and Joe Jonas will be Off the Record. The boys have announced a summer tour, but it’s going to be unlike anything they’ve done in the past… starting with the fact that their adorable little brother Nick will not be involved. Boo hiss!

Jonas Brothers 2013 Teen Choice Awards


Joe told Entertainment Tonight what fans can expect: “We’re going to be talking about our old stories from when we toured together, show pictures, a lot of laughs, and get the fans involved, so I want everyone to come out and hang out.”

Wow. None of that sounds fun, and I’m actually surprised. I never would have guessed the brothers would have gone on tour this quickly after the band’s breakup… I mean, the Backstreet Boys lasted a few years until their funds ran out they got back together.

So where’s Nick? Getting beefed up for his new role as an MMA fighter in DirecTV’s upcoming gritty drama series Navy St. Observe, minions:

Do you think Kevin and Joe can survive without their darling little (er, big) bro Nick, or will you go on the record to predict a total tour failure?

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  1. Temilove Said:

    They will be fine!! They don’t need the little Bro’ to pull them through!!! GO FOR IT GUYS!!! :)

  2. Kimberly joan Groher Said:

    And. I’am thinking when it comes to brothers just to give Nick a chance just be with you
    Makes him feel that he misses you and so the right thing just bring with on the road with you
    But he needs to be with his brothers and give him that okay and respect him whatever you have
    Take him with you but he needs you when you need him

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