Gossip Girl Star Kevin Zegers Defends Amanda Bynes in Twitter Rant

Kevin Zegers


While many celebs are coming out of the woodwork to beg and plead that Amanda Bynes get help, one Gossip Girl star is telling the world to just leave her alone. Kevin Zegers, who played Damien Dalgaard on your favorite show, recently took to Twitter to shine light on the real reason why everyone is so obsessed with Amanda: we can’t look away from the collapse.

Kevin, who was a child actor himself (starring in Air Bud before he found himself on the Upper East Side) said he doesn’t claim to have had the same success or attention as AB, but he did have dark times as well. He then goes on to say that while it’s not our fault as a society that Amanda is going through this, it’s not entirely her’s either. Pretty deep, Kevin….

So, what do you think? Does the GG star’s point of view make sense here? Read his whole post below and then tell me your thoughts in a comment. XOXO

Amanda Bynes. Everyone is talking about Amanda Bynes. Debating whether she’s a drug addict, crazy or both. I’ve found myself strangely uncomfortable as people snipe around me. Maybe it’s pity, understanding, discomfort. Not sure. But it has brought to light something of which I am aware. It’s a razor thin line between the top and the bottom. I don’t think anyone cares about the wattage of Bynes star. Or Lohan. Or Spears. What really interests people is the collapse. The free fall from adored to scorned. From beloved, to bat shit crazy. From dimpled starry eyed kid, to shaven headed rambling maniac. And people love it. They eat it up.

I don’t claim to have suffered from nearly the amount of childhood success as Bynes. Nor the amount of attention. But I do find myself watching this person implode with a certain amount of familiarity. My head cocks as I see it all happening.

This is not a diatribe about child actors. I can’t be bothered to waft and winge about how hard it is to be famous as a child. About the trails of never being ‘normal’ or having the define yourself later in life because your identity was never defined as a child.

What I will say is that the rock weighs heavy in my hand as I debate casting a stone. Having trundled into some fairly dark and rancid places myself, the only benefit being no one tuned in for my demise. But it did happen, as it does with most of ‘us’. Cute little funny kids who once spurned cheek pinched and coos, are now staggering dope fiends wandering Buffalo. This is the rule, not the exception. Only a few of us emerge from the other side in tact.

Perhaps that’s what this stupid post is all about. Lets not all act shocked, or bewildered at what is happening to Amanda Bynes. Or pretend we haven’t seen this unfold before. Lets take ownership of our piece of the story. The wide eyed observer. Secretly hoping for carnage. Praying for it in fact. The part of us that slows down at car wrecks to perhaps see some blood. Titillated and detached. It’s time we accept that just like all dogs go to heaven, this stuff happens to people like Amanda Bynes. It’s not our fault, but maybe it’s not entirely hers either.

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  1. elliedeejay Said:

    Good on him. Someone who can speak out and address exactly what the public needs to hear, and successfully doesn’t make himself look bad in the process. We need more people like Kevin in the world.

  2. ggada Said:

    that was good ,just what needed to be said. Kevin ♥

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