Hot Mess: Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Usually my Hot Messes are reserved for awful outfits and unflattering hair. But today darlings, I have no choice but to declare Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s entire marriage a horribly hot mess.

khloe kardashian and lamar odom cancel reality tv show


In the wake of the numerous cheating rumors not to mention his non-existent NBA career, Lam-Lam reportedly vanished and went on a crack binge (?!?) but Lamar’s agent insists that Khloe “knows exactly where he is.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean Lamar is someplace good, now does it?

However, some of my spies aren’t painting the same rosy glow. I hear that Khloe has been hiding her marriage woes from her family for years, which is almost impressive given how nosy her momager and siblings can be.

Kardashian sisters

Whatever is going on with KK and Lam-Lam, it can’t be good. Should Khlo cut her losses now before she ends up with a druggie for a hubby? Or does vowing to stand by your man in sickness and in health include the occasional crack binge too?


  1. Deirdre Said:

    Why are you people constantly talking about these 2 idiots. Who cares??? I am really sick & tired of hearing about these trashians. Please STOP. Hopefully one day they will all disappear.

  2. Gillian Said:

    Deirdre…their lives are obviously better than yours….your clearly give two f—s cause….you opened the damn link and commented…..

  3. Alice Said:

    Gillian, how ignorant can you get? Their lives are fake and superficial, designed to promote their image and tv show. So, I highly doubt that their lives are better than ours. If so, then your life must be pretty damn crap.

  4. B Said:

    WOW, Khloe looks…HUGE
    I mean not fat or anything, but who knew she’s so tall, and big, and just huge. WOW.

  5. Alexandra Said:

    You’re so right Alice!

  6. LOL Said:

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