Does Khloe Kardashian Have a New Man?

Spotted: Khloe Kardashian, wife of NBA-player-turned-crack-addict Lamar Odom, getting quite cozy with rapper The Game at Hollywood hotspot Tru on September 24! According to Life & Style, the rap star dropped a whopping $13,000 on drinks to impress Khlo, who looked just delighted with the attention and flirtation.

khloe kardashian the game


The pair have known each other for years, which ruffled Lamar’s feathers in a major way–but now he’s too busy with a pipe to notice that his wife is moving on!

I’m not overly enthusiastic about her potential romance with a guy who has face tattoos, but rather a few body mods than a crippling drug addiction (although, The Game is definitely open about his use of marijuana…) Do you think it’s all over but the shouting for KK and Lam-Lam? Or is she just blowing off some steam?

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