Fashion Faceoff: Khloe vs Kim Kardashian

Khloe and Kim Kardashian turned up to the NBC Upfronts showing off their breasts, asses–oops sorry, I meant to write best assets, silly me–and while the sisters seemed oh-so-cozy, you know that they were both just dying to be crowned the best dressed. Let’s pick apart their looks, shall we?

kim kardashian khloe kardashian


Sorry Kimmy, I know you’re the blushing bride (third time’s a charm!) (JK it won’t last) but I must declare that your little sister Khloe to be the belle of this ball. I really like Khloe’s asymmetrical dress that shows just enough skin to be flattering and sexy yet still classy, a word I’m sure never before applied to a Kardashian. I also like her ombre hair and fresh makeup. Kim looks fine in her black dress, but as a rule, center slits make wide hips look bigger. And also, I just don’t like Kim Kardashian, so there.

Which reality star do you think ruled the red carpet? Newly single Khloe or soon-to-be Mrs. West?

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  1. reana Said:

    Lol. I liked this article.

  2. Candice Said:

    Khloe is gorgeous!

  3. ANNE Said:

    Yeah, you’re so right!!!! Kloe wears it better.

  4. clara Said:

    Khloe did d trick 4 me!

  5. Lara Jon Said:


  6. Addy Said:

    “And also, I just don’t like Kim Kardashian, so there.” <— Best line in the article.

  7. Ray Said:

    Chloe so pretty,with so little effort.

  8. lulu Said:

    KLOE IS BEAUTIFUL KIM IS FAKE. Luckily she doesn’t look like her clone sisters. Unfortunately for Kim her Publicity Whore Mother is so money grubbing she has flaunted her girls, ESPECIALLY HER FAVORITE KIM. These weddings are a farce. the fans of the family are so gullible they really all the fake drama that goes on with them.

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