Killer Fashion

By now you know that a cray-cray murderer is on the loose in Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer. But in order to fit in with this glitzy crowd, one must remain stylishly sleek at all times–even while on the hunt. Behold, the book’s author Cecily von Ziegesar names the wardrobe essentials of every well-dressed serial killer.

My new book, Gossip Girl Psycho Killer, is loaded with killer fashion—it is a Gossip Girl novel after all. But what are the absolute wear-or-die items in a killer fashionista’s closet?

The Boot

Preferable knee-high, black leather, with a solid four-inch heel. Perfect for concealing small weapons or kicking someone’s teeth out. Platform boots provide excellent stability and are better for running than stilettos—good for the chase.

The Trench

Deep pockets, a turn-uppable collar, roomy enough to store a large sword under but belted for a flattering look. There’s nothing more alluring and dangerous than a beautiful girl in a good trench coat.

Enormous Sunglasses

Just in case the last victim fought back a little too hard and gave you a black eye or a nasty scratch on your cheek. Just in case you were up all night, plotting, killing, or disposing of the evidence and the bags under your eyes are bigger than Brazil. Paired with the trench, you really can’t go wrong.

A Scarf

Preferably silk. Preferably Hermés. Oh the wonderful things one can do with a scarf. It keeps your neck warm on chilly October nights. It keeps your hair neat on windy days. It makes a great tourniquet, a good muzzle, works great for strangulation. Or, you can wrap up one of your victim’s severed hands with it to leave on your next victim’s bed.


Everyone should have a signature scent. It warns people of your comings and goings. You want them to know you’ve been there a up their spines when they smell your approach. And you’ll need it to hide the dead body stench in the Town Car’s trunk.

The Book

After all those clues, surely you know who's terrorizing the Upper East Side. Find out if you're right!



Cecily von Ziegesar, author of Gossip Girl


Snag your copy of Gossip Girl: Psycho Killer, now available wherever books are sold!

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