Is This Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Baby’s Name?

My phone has been blowing up this afternoon with rumors about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s baby’s name. Just this morning, they apparently hadn’t even named her yet. But now, Media Takeout (so take it with a grain of salt…) is claiming they got a tip from a nurse at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. And the baby’s name is… (you ready?)… Kaidence Donda West.

We knew it was bound to start with a K, so that’s totally possible. And giving the middle name of Donda would make sense as a tribute to Kanye’s late mother. No official word has been given though, so we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Do you think this is the real name or is someone not telling the truth here? Tell me what you think the baby’s legal name is in a comment below. If you’re right, you’ll get my kiss of approval. XOXO

Kim Kardashian seen shopping with her mother



  1. Kelly Said:

    I do not know what the name is, Put I do think her 1st name should
    be Kennedy

  2. Sheri Said:

    That is the worst name I have ever heard. I pray this name is wrong..

  3. MissieB Said:

    well it would be a “musical” word so it’s quite possible this could be true. I was holding out for Kassidy or Kathryn (Katie West…nice name) but I’m gonna go with the Kaidence name is it.

  4. Jessica Said:

    Well, at least it’s not Unicorn Glitter West or something dumb like that. At least it has meaning to them, and that is the most important thing. When naming my kids, I kept it a secret until they were born because I really don’t want to hear people’s unwanted opinions of my name choices.

  5. sarah simmons Said:


  6. Shellie Cadogan Said:

    My granddaughters name is Kaeydence…Lovely name…now lets try to keep her out of the spotlight…she didnt ask for this craziness.

  7. Uh... Said:

    @ Shellie Cadogan, “she didn’t ask for this crazinesss?” Really now? What does she do for a living again? Of course she asked for this, you moron.

  8. Be nice Said:

    I believe that Shellie was referring to the baby. Yes, Kim does seek the spotlight for a living. The baby is the one that didn’t ask for the craziness. Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension before you call someone a moron. Or you could just go for truth in advertising and change your name from “Uh” to “duh”.

  9. Erin Said:

    @ uh.. Shellie was talking about THE BABY not asking for this craziness.. why are you jumping all over people?? relax.. and FYI, kim kardashian does NOTHING for a living..

  10. Erin Said:

    @ be nice.. you just made me lol.. couldnt have said it better myself..

  11. K Said:

    My Niece’s name is Caydence so for those of you saying it’s a terrible name you are being so very rude, I think it’s pretty an different

  12. Me Said:

    North West, its official…

  13. anna macneill Said:

    they named the baby north-west, some papparazii saw the birth certificate and her name is North-West or Nory for short

  14. kat Said:

    Just about any name would be better than North West.Who names their kid that? Kaidence is such a pretty name.

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