Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Assets in Mexio

Well, dolls, it looks like Kim Kardashian has put the days of pregnancy hiding well behind her. The new Mrs. West flaunted her assets on vacation in Mexico today, posting two separate bikini butt photos. The first photo, captioned “#OurLovelyLadyLumps,” featured a topless Kimmy lying face down next to Joe Francis’s pregnant girlfriend (Oh yes: I failed to mention that Kim is staying at the Girls Gone Wild creator’s vacation home).

The second photo is a bit more “artistic” (read: she played with Instagram’s color filters), and has Kim’s yellow bikini-clad backside, again, floating in the pool. Top on this time, because K is just so modest. It’s like, we get it: the Kim Kardashian butt is very round and famous. Move on.

Darlings, what concerns me more than this mom going wild is that she’s still hanging out with Joe Francis, a man who made his money on the disgusting¬†Girls Gone Wild¬†franchise. While it was semi-appropriate to hang out with Z-listers when she, herself, was in that crowd, she’s now risen through the ranks to a solid B-lister (as much as I hate to admit it). Can’t Kim and Kanye West just buy their own beach house so that little baby Nori has an escape that’s slightly less pornographic?

I will say that Kim is looking super fit, though. My guess is that she took that wedding diet and continued it straight through the summer.

Props to your willpower, Kim, but it’s time to take that toned rear of yours and get it back amongst a more VIP crew. XOXO



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