Kim Kardashian’s Bratty Behavior During Vogue Shoot

Prepare to be shocked–shocked–at what I’m about to reveal. I hear that Kim Kardashian was–gasp!–an insufferable diva on the set of her Vogue shoot. I know right, who saw that one coming?

“She had the nerve to make her own rules for everyone on set, demanding that no one stare at her or even be in posession of cell phones when she was around,” hissed an on-set insider to Star. Now keep in mind darlings, these were Vogue stylists. Not some rag-tag gang at the Sears portrait studio. They’re used to working with true A-list celebs, not some plastic surgery addict who’s famous for her bedroom behavior.

Kim Kardashian


Even worse, KK played nice only when Anna Wintour was around.

“As soon as Anna left, Kim went back to her diva ways,” continued the spy, adding that KK wouldn’t STFU about how fat she was and whined over not being able to fit into the clothes. But I guess that problem was solved thanks to the magic of Photoshop, n’est ce pas, minions?

Do you totes believe that KK was a royal bitch on the set of her shoot? Or would this be the one place where even she would check her ego at the door?


  1. Gina Said:

    I wish all the Kardashians would disappear. Kim honey, you are talentless and the ONLY thing you know how to do is give blow jobs n lay on your back. So please, go away and never come back.

  2. Marisa Said:

    I will not waste my money on this magazine. While the child is beautiful I cannot see her being the natural offspring of this couple. Something is off. Nothing is ever what it appears to be with this family and this is NO exception. Remember the extreme early delivery and the secrecy surrounding the baby? Was Kim ever even pregnant?

  3. Char Said:

    I couldn’t agree with Gina more. The Kardashians are like herpes……they just never seem to want to go away!!!!!!!!

  4. Judy Said:

    Yes I agree with Gina I am tired of the whole family and all there drama.

  5. historian Said:

    Kim is a no talent good looking slut. Of course she was a bitch on the set of the shoot. DUH!!
    Can we ever imagine that you could cut the attitude with a knife in there!! Kanya’s attitude, big mouth, and rather large head has diminished his talent big time. How can such a LOOSER have so much talent that no one gives a rats ass about!! I predict they will not last long. It is one ego verses a bigger. She does give a decent blow job!! So she has a heads up.. and supportive family..

  6. Kellie Said:

    She is so repulsive. If she would have yelled at me or gotten out of line in any way I would have poured a pitcher of tap water…not even bottled…all over her head. Screw that b*tch. She is nothing more than a cum dumpster and a mattress jockey.

  7. Monica❤️❤️ Said:

    I LOVE Kim!!I think that the stylist are just jealous of her!! And for the rest of you,keep your mouth shut if you cant say nothing nice!!!!

  8. sara Said:

    Shoot. I understand all the hate about her being snobby and all that but damn I’ve never seen so many people have such hatred. Like damn if i could get paid like her for having no “talent” then shit trust me I would accept the pay checks and I can bet that anyone else would take the money too! Stop spending so much time hating, give her some love, she obviously makes you feel better about yourself because “you” would never act like she does how dare she. C’mon bitches you wish u could be her.

  9. Marie Said:

    and you guys are pathetic, talking shit about them, if you hate them, don’t watch the show.
    Go live your own live and stop hating on people you don’t even know.

  10. Paul Said:

    Seriously? Firstly how she got a Vogue cover I will never know, yes I understand Kanye, A-list star who’s always had his fingers in fashion but Kim? Her past fashions choices have been ill fitting, ugly and damn right wrong and other than Dash, what has she really achieved in fashion to earn her a place on Vogue? Hell, other than having a baby to an A-lister, what earns her the place to sit along side them? The illustrated peacock from the 1909 cover had more presence than Kim!!

  11. Crystal Said:

    Y’all don’t like her or her family but your commenting on a post about her. That makes total sense. And I bet you all watch there show to. She must be doin. Something you like she has you all still talking about her sex tape still and admiring her antics.

  12. eva Said:

    Well, she does look like a bitch and I don’t fall for that typical American girl voice. And then there’s the things she says with a lot of “like, like, you know, like, ahahah”

    I’m so tired of Kim. All of them, I’d be glad not to see there faces anymore.

    Why is she even on this cover? What important things has she done? Please remind me because I can’t remember.

  13. Elina Said:

    Relax ppl, she was just bein kim kardashian

  14. Bruce Bohen Said:

    Why does this no talent slut get so much attention, she got famous for giving a blow job to that guy in her video. That’s the only talent she has, and shes no smarter then a brick.

  15. Vicki Said:


  16. ysil meis Said:

    THe problem is the person who wrote this article…You expect women to be crush test dummies with zero personality, BRAVO FOR KIM !! thats not being bratty thats HAVING A PERSONALITY AND VALUING URSELF, omg u value urself?? then u are a bad bad woman, a brat and a bitch, hahahah Im DONE with “press” putting sucessfull women down, BRAVO KIM, KEEP BEING WHO U ARE< FABULOUS AND RICH

  17. ysil meis Said:

    I ADORE HER, those losers would have sold her pictures anyways, she is fantastic, bombastic, i wish she would be marrying me, an amazing rolemodel, yes Kimmi Kimmi perfect, cant those losers get realize by THEMSELVES how annoying is to be stare at?? so of course she got to tell them, she doesnt need vogue, vogue needs HER, if that makes ur butt hurts, then U are the loser fool with the problem, not HER

  18. Sarah Said:

    She sells her clothes at Sears so people like u can afford to buy it! She got lucky and famous and we didn’t! Lol but u can’t bash her for being rich for selling sex it’s America people and money is the root of all evil! Karmas a *itch!!!!

  19. Marcie Said:

    All the people with the negative comments seem to know all about the Kardashians. If you guys hate them so much why are you so obsessed on how they have no talent and they won’t go away. How about you go away and not be so afixated on them

  20. Bob Said:

    Who really cares?! I certainly don’t, and even less so from a ‘writer’ that uses the word “totes”.

  21. Amy Robinson Said:

    Wooooow I have never seen so much hate for someone.. you lot have never met her her you judge her in what you on here, twitter, newspapers etc its just dam right bullying what you are doing and for he person who said was she even pregnant if you watched keeping up with kardisans you would know she was and you would also see why all the secrety around the birth of baby north.. stop hating just cause you lot are talentless bored pathetic people.. your amazing Kim ignore the haters xxxx

  22. Alet Said:

    To all those saying that she’s earned her spot just need shut up…she had done nothing more than being a greedy narcissistic d sucking bitch…of anything she should be humble and grateful( since she has no talent or style) to the people working there she acts lk she deserves the cover Kanye got you the spot not your ability to swallow…sorry I’m not sorry

  23. tiffany Said:

    If you ain’t got anything positive to say don’t say anything at all if yall dislike them so much why even read the articles

  24. Charlotte Said:

    This is to all of you that criticize all of us for slamming the cum dumpster twit Kim K. We have every right to voice our opinion just as you do. We are fed up with having all of them being shoved down our throats more than Kanye shoves himself down kim’s throat. It’s probably why she’s gained so much weight with all the cum she swallows. Like I wrote earlier. ….The kardashians are like herpes. They never seem to want to go away.

  25. marie Said:

    Wow girls… all this ” all she’s famous for is blow jobs” stuff, whilst I do struggle to see why she’s famous, first of all, its you that made her famous. She isn’t famous for giving blow jobs, she’s famous for the controversy people like yoi have placed around her. She’s like a ghost, if we start ignoring her, she’ll go away. And lets face it, those of us who are honest about our bedroom antics, love to hear we give great head, so, “she’s good at blow jobs” is not an insult.

  26. Cookster Said:

    She has always behaved like a diva. I remember when she DEMANDED a suite in a New York hotel and her mom said it was booked by someone months ago. She didn’t care she told her mom get me that suite . She got her way as usual. This is why she acts so spoiled.

  27. sunspell Said:

    So- Kim doesn’t get invited to the Vanity Fair Grammy party, however, less than a week later, she agrees to do their cover shoot- hello people- she doesn’t get it. She is more of a laughing stock than ever for agreeing to the shoot… Anna and friends- you win, a million times over, you win! Well played Vogue!

  28. Odin Said:

    Kayne West, Napoleon Complex.Kim K is so delusional & narcissistic. An absolutely despicable couple. Money has not improved these two in any way what so ever. Ignoring them is the answer and would drive them crazy, but they’re today’s news unfortunately. It’s a shame that the two of them contribute nothing to society, but take so much away from it. Karma will one day even things out.

  29. Lu Said:

    Seriously, Sara? “the stylists were jealous of her”? These people are at the pinnacle of their trade in style, they work at Vogue, for christ’s sake. Why on earth would they be jealous of a B-List Celebrity who’s famous for her fake lips and sex tapes? That’s just demeaning.

  30. lexi Said:

    Dumye and Dimwit are the most underserving couple of any thing let alone a Vogue cover. Dim is especially the worst of the two as she has NO TALENT FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN SUCKING C*CK.
    She and her family are sewer rats who need to be exterminated. They represent everything that is wrong about America #moneyovermorals #famewhores I wish the Vogue people who had to witness and participate in this atrocity of a photo shoot would start spilling the beans about these two morons. kim is a whore

  31. Kev the Realist Said:

    She was and always will be a stupid, fat, classless, talentless, self-obsessed whore who is totally worthless as a person. She along with her entire gypsy family of trash and her sociopath, narcissistic ,angry, ugly, dumb as dirt boyfriend along with her bastard child, should just disappear. The world would be a much better place. These parasites don’t belong among civilized people. That and everyone should boycott VOGUE all of its advertisers, until they fire ANNA Wintour.

  32. movedtovoice Said:

    People can sniff out and are enraged over disingenuous phoniness. You match that with unreservedness and fake assets,an ugliness of character, a vile family history,use of people as props for famewhoring,it goes on and on,including a father who let a homicidal mutilater get off free ands helped to hide the bloody evidence, and you got pure human hatred towards this plastic camel faced slob.

  33. Shawna Said:

    fire anna wintour, Kev? anna wintour IS VOGUE, despite her being a vile human being. what a joke of a comment.

  34. Rosalyn D Said:

    Believe me when I say that I AM NOT A FAN, however we have all scene kim on shoots before and she has always been a Constant Perfesional that’s why people love to work with her, I am sure Kim is a smart woman and would NEVER Disrespect. Anna W. and Vogue by acting so unprofessional, Kim didn’t get rich by acting like a brat she is a very smart buss. woman and we all know she has got the money to prove it, anyone can hate on her for lots of reasons, but running her buss. stupidly isn’t one!!

  35. Pam Said:

    Absolute LIES. The staff and photographer said Kim was quite sweet and shy, Nori was so gentle and the only one who had an opinion was Kanye and he was very polite in his questions. They said it was a welcome relief from most of the models they work with. But disgruntled people want to believe this trash..

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