LOLZ: Kim Kardashian Dwarfed by Kendall Jenner and Balmain Army

Somebody get Kim Kardashian a ladder! The 5’3″ Keeping Up With The Kardashians star got absolutely dwarfed by the rest of the “Balmain Army” when posing in pieces from the designer’s new collection at the Vogue Foundation Gala. Amongst the giants towering over Kiki were not-so-little sister, the 5’10” model Kendall Jenner. Kim documented the stark contrast, commenting on her Instagram #IFeelShort.

As much as I despise complimenting Kardashians, I must say that they both look incredible in Balmain at Paris Fashion Week. Kim’s leopard print pencil skirt is a little tacky, but she’s Kim Kardashian, so it comes with the territory. Kendall looks stunning in a green leather dress in braided texture.

The typically-quiet Kendall managed to get a goodnatured jab in at her older-but-shorter sis on Instagram, commenting “she looks up to ME #BalmainArmy”

Kim, doll, bring Kourtney out with you so you don’t have to be the shortest belle at the ball. Or at least strap on your heels and take Kanye West to the party for the same effect. Whatever you do, step away from the gaggle of nearly 6-foot models before you start being called mini-Kim. XOXO


  1. Whatev Said:

    uhm what the fuck is wrong with being short? Fuck off criticizing things people cant fucking change

  2. hotaru Said:

    Whatev, noone said that beeing short is wrong. Thing is that when you stand next to taller people than your height, the contrast becomes even more noticeable. If looking shorter is ok with someone then go for it, but even she felt short. if you’re not good with yourself for doing something then not do it at all.Plus, the models behind Kim where standing higher than kim and her sister.
    Aaaaanyway, though Kendal really rocks the outfit, I wouldn’t say so about kim.too much Kim.

  3. aeiou Said:

    short is cute !!! nothing wrong

  4. Amelia Said:

    shes so tiny! I thought this was photoshoped at first!

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