Love or Loathe: Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Hair

Blonde hair, don’t care… Looks like Kim Kardashian is opting for the complete post-baby makeover, including lightened locks, as seen by one of my spies this weekend at a Beverly Hills barbecue this weekend.


Riddle me this, though, dolls… if Kim debuted her new hair color this recently, why does she have dark roots? Some mysteries, I’ll never understand…

Take a look at Kim’s sun-kissed hair and tell me if you are a fan or if she doesn’t feel like a true Kardashian without that trademark brunette hue. XOXO




  1. ivona Said:

    It doesn’t suit her at all. She was hot brunette, now hair looks awful!iam dissapointed coz I love her so much!

  2. Carol Said:

    she looks like shes trying to be beyonce and noone can be beyonce except for beyonce

  3. eMMA Said:

    It doesnt fit her at al, she has naturally beautiful brun hair. With her complexion it does fit her at al, and its disgusting with her black hair on top. It just look so fake. S

    She just trying to look like Khloe, but blond hair doesnt fit her. She has been jealous of Khloes hair for a long time. Khloe is naturally blond, was when she was a little and have different complextion, so she is a beautiful as a blond, Kim is not.

    Hope this is for a photoshoot, and that she will change it very soon..

  4. KATE Said:

    i like it, i think its a good change for the fall!

  5. S Said:

    If she tries to have an ombre hair, the blonde part should start WAY lower. She’s so much more beautiful with her natural color.

  6. Selena Said:

    She looks like a disperate housewife.she’s awful with blonde hair.Dark hair fits her a way better…

  7. love Said:

    it is nice change, i like it

  8. J Said:

    What a horrible, horrible woman… :S

  9. Alan Said:

    It’s truly weird to see roots if it’s a ‘new look,’ now that I see it. Her roots are kinda redish-brownish in a not natural way, she must me experimenting the same way gaga or nicki have. Too bad it was on her own hair and not on a wig. x

  10. Daniele Said:

    Glad to know even the extremely wealthy get frizzy, messed up hair lol. Unfortunately after dying your hair that color it will be impossible to be back to natural until it grows out :(…pixie cut?

  11. Holly Morgan Said:

    That’s a wig :-)

  12. Julie Said:

    desperate blonde… kinda look like jlo

  13. NICE Said:

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  14. defne Said:

    kardashians are brunette’s nothing else can suit them!!!!!!!1

  15. debbi Said:

    Def luks like any other desperate housewife! Not gud at all.

  16. Lex Said:

    It’s a wig.. You can tell by her parts and sideburns!

  17. Ann Lopez Said:

    Looks like a wig she also looks like she’s aged ..she looks older or very tired

  18. Claire Robert Said:

    This isn’t the first time she went blond, so no big surprise there. Plus you caught her this weekend in a messy moment this weekend (that’s copying your double “this weekend” btw). Ombré always has darker roots. Even though I’m so sick of anything Kardashian, she’s still very beautiful. The people who comment she looks old or terrible with that hair – you kids couldn’t look half as good as her on your best day. Just sayin.

  19. rosie Said:

    It looks good….fuck wat everyone else things

  20. ozzie venegas Said:

    DAMN SHES FAT what happen KIM

  21. Cjmacintosh Said:

    1. Dear Mommy (from Kim’s Baby )
    “Mommy, why did you let that man put his weiner in your bu#t in that nasty movie? All the kids at school were talking about it and even pulled it up on the Internet. It’s totally true Mom, so don’t even try to deny it. I SAW you, plain as day, suck that man’s weiner, bend over and let that man stick his weiner deep in your butt while you were laughing and begging him to “Bang you harder!” and after that, you even ate your own poo that was on that man’s dirty wei

  22. Faith Haertel Said:

    It is time for the whole family to get off TV and start living a real life off air. It is such a shame of what they have portrayed themselves on TV. The language and life style is a shame for younger teens that have problems the way it is this day and age and don’t seed scum like this making it worse.

  23. Jill Said:

    If KanGay Pest was a Dishwasher with no money, would she still have the kid? Or would she have aborted that poor father angry negroid due to insufficient funds?

    She is going to put the Mud in MudShark and take KanGay for every penny she can. His life is ruined now, what a sucker.

  24. SHOENICE Said:

    thats a dude right?

  25. Tray Said:

    The blonde hair is to distract from the nose job. Once people accept the hair is what’s different about her, she will return dark.

  26. Tracy Said:

    Now she looks cheap. Why is she listening to that idiot Kayne? He is a nut job.

  27. Dee said Said:

    This color is pretty on her but, she look beautiful and classy with the black hair! its like the Kardashian’s trade mark, she looks too much like Jennifer Lopez now! please go back to your natural color.

  28. Bella Said:

    What a horrible woman, ugly blonde, looks cheap.

  29. Dyan Said:

    I could not believe it. Who ever talked her into being a blond is surely NOT HER FRIEND. She should color it back as soon as possible
    Nori probably dos’ent even recognize her own mommy. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK NOW. Yes, you’re still a beautiful woman just not as sexy and alluring. The mystery that your eyes project gets lost in the blond hair.

  30. Jerri Scott Said:

    She’s not only fat now but she looks trashy. Her brunette hair was always nice and glossy looking. Healthy. Now this new color looks like it needs several sessions of deep conditioning. Poor Kanye, he tried to get himself someone to compete with Beyoncé, but boy did he fail. Wait until she starts making his life miserable with that dysfunctional family of hers.

  31. mangu Said:

    She looks like a FAT J-Lo !

  32. Badger Corner Said:

    Wait a minute…b***h stole that look from the People of Walmart!


  33. rebecca Said:

    this lady is gorgeous no matter the color. Change is good once in awhile, I love it, but I love her natural color too.

  34. Tuttle Said:

    Not good dark hair suits her better

  35. judie Said:

    Ugly as sin with blonde hair – looks like a robot

  36. Casey oneill Said:

    She’s so beat as a blonde get rid of it and go back to black you’re a KArdashian

  37. Stphen casey oneill Said:

    She looks beat no matter what her hair color is aweful aweful aweful

  38. Casey oneill Said:

    is that madonna or kim k she looks beat

  39. Casey oneill Said:

    Cher looks better as a blonde than you do honey kim k

  40. Casey oneill Said:

    Cher is better off as a blonde kim k is better off dark haired shes a kardashian

  41. Casey oneill Said:

    Blonde or not she still looks like michael Jackson

  42. Stephen casey oneill Said:

    Kim kardashian is an annoying blonde

  43. Casey oneill Said:

    She’s so not pretty or aluring as a blonde dumb choice to go blonde asap

  44. Casey oneill Said:

    dear kim k who did you’re hair fire him he made you look like old school jlo not a bad look but Also not a good look

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