Haircut Alert: Kim Kardashian Goes Shorter

I spy, with my pretty eyes, Kim Kardashian sporting a shorter ‘do. Perhaps she took off a few inches to freshen up her look in preparation for spring, or she took out some of her extensions because they were weighing her down, but either way, her hair is shorter, more bouncy, and healthier looking:

Kim Kardashian haircut


I’m giving Kim’s kut two manicured thumbs up. I like the extra layers and think the length is fun for the upcoming season. But what do you think, dolls? Should she stick with this look, or go back to her old ways–too long and dragged out, kind of like her 15 minutes of fame? XOXO


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  1. Anne Said:

    that b—- copied me!

  2. Pat Doxey Said:

    OUCH!!! LOL Gossip Girl. Tell us how you really feel.

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