Kim Kardashian & Kanye West On Vogue!

Hell hath frozen over, darlings. That’s the only way to explain the newest issue of Vogue.… Rumors had been floating around recently that a regular on my Hot Mess list, Kim Kardashian, was going to be on a future cover. I didn’t believe for one second that Anna Wintour would ever consider this as an option. I mean, Kim couldn’t even snag an invite on her own for the prestigious Met Gala!

But alas, word has just gotten out that KK is on the cover of the April issue with Kanye West. Oh, and she’s in a wedding dress. Yawn. How many of those are we going to have to see her in, really?

I’m starting to worry for the future of my fashion bible. First Lena Dunham and now this? Is the magazine just getting their cover inspiration from my worst dressed list?

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Kim and Kanye’s photo shoot (in which North makes a cameo). Are you secretly excited about this cover, or are you hoping it’s one big April fool’s joke?

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  1. Fabiola Said:

    What?ridiculous if she truly is on the cover I will CANCEL my Vogue subscription, say it isn’t so!,

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