Hot Mess: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West. Again.

A division of labor is key in any romance–he kills the spiders, you spend his money. He zips your dress, you allow him to buy you that Cartier necklace you’ve been eying.

But Kim Kardashian seems to forget that a true fashionista never lets her man take control of her wardrobe, even if he is fashionisto Kanye West. K and K turned up to NYFW’s Marchesa show looking like two terrible halves of one awful whole. Kim wore a too-tight dress while Kanye sported a denim-on-denim Canadian tuxedo which should be left north of the border where it belongs.

These two might fancy themselves a fashion power couple but the only thing they’re influencing is my list of what not to wear.

kim kardashian kanye west at marchesa nyfw



  1. ggada Said:

    well……..the shoes are kind of nice…..♥

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