See-Thru Showdown: Kim Kardashian vs Lindsay Lohan

Shock, darlings: perennial attention tramps Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian both stepped out of their respective houses in outfits not fit for flashbulbs. And call me a pessimist, but I think these two have been on the scene long enough to know that the paparazzi were sure to snap them. Kim trotted around Miami on a date with Kanye West with her booty on display thanks to her too-sheer skirt:

Meanwhile LiLo, on a date with absolutely no one, proudly pranced around LA in a see-through shirt, not to mention that dreadful fake Birkin bag. Ugh Linds, I’m almost more embarrassed at your bag than your boobs–at least those puppies are real:

Which star is looking the most desperate and inapprops–KK or LL?


  1. TheEyeOfLily Said:

    Kim is just .. eww. -_-

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