WTF Alert: Does Kim Kardashian Photoshop Her Workout Selfies?

I mean… should we be expecting a ton of integrity from a woman who named her child North West? In today’s installment of “Lies Kim Karashian Tells The Public” we’re going to take a closer look at her oh-so-casual workout selfie with her new BFF, a stripper who calls herself Blac Chyna. Charming.

Notice anything…unusual? Besides the fact that Kim is now friends with a stripper. Take a peek at the closet door right under KK’s elbow. Gee darlings, I didn’t realize they started making curved doors that got wider at the bottom. Oh that’s right loves, they don’t!

Translation: Experts are saying that Kim used Photoshop to pinch in her waistline and thereby wobbled the door frame, a common byproduct of sloppy Photoshopping skills. You’d think with all of her money she could afford to hire someone to pull off these capers for her, right?

But she snapped another too…

Funny, the door seems to be a different shape now! How interesting! This of course isn’t the first time I’ve suspected KK using digital editing to make us see things–just the other week rumors were going around that she Photoshopped her daughter’s unibrow.

You know, Kimmy probably looked just fine sans any retouching, especially next to Blac–those ridiculous booty implants make KK’s body look almost au natural by comparison!

Do you think KK did a little wizardry with an app before she posted this pic or am I just being a hater?


  1. Soulja Said:

    It’s not photoshop. All the mirrors in the world distort the image like that -_-

  2. Alaska Young Said:


  3. Em Said:

    You can see that she used the liquify tool under her arm where she’s holding up the phone (their faces aren’t showing)
    She has big wobbly indentions there.

  4. welldoneson Said:

    I have not a moment’s use for Kim or the other whatchamacallits. I’d have more respect if she was flippin’ flippin’ burgers.

  5. Alina Said:

    I have never envied her nor her body nor her photoshop.

  6. hannahmontana Said:

    both bodies are fake. even if KK would always say that she has not undergone any procedures, i still think she is 98% created by doctors.

  7. Mia Said:

    I’m surprised she knows how to use photoshop. Lol.

  8. Danielle Said:

    ugh im so over big butts, they are disgusting and i cant even understand why they show them off. it isnt pretty, its fat grossness. obvi they are too dumb to see that

  9. L. Disney Said:

    Is it just me?
    Cause I see nothing changing between the door(s)..
    The picture is taken from a different angle in the second photo, and if you look closely, the door does not change!
    You can even see it being the same looking at its reflection(s)on the floor.
    Stop posting sh*t, Gossip Girl!
    You were way more accurate when you were spotting the scandalous lives of manhattan’s elite! ;)

  10. Giovanna Said:


  11. June Said:

    The doors the same…blindy

  12. Katarina Said:

    Imagine having “staring at pictures of peoples’ butts” be your expertise. Such a beautiful society.

  13. Quantumnerd Said:

    The door is obviously bowed inward at the waist area for the first picture, and bowed out at the chest area in the second.

  14. Leti Said:

    That’s so so gross ! UGH !

  15. Jessica Said:

    I think she did something to lessen her flabby upper arm

  16. Natasha Said:

    Kim is beautiful. Who cares if she nipped in her waist. If she didnt u would all be complaining about something else. Also big butts are not ‘discusting’ !!

  17. rly? Said:

    indeeed Danielle.

  18. C Said:

    The door is EXACTLY THE SAME in both pics, i doubt she would have tried to make her boobs smaller in the second pic

  19. Milli Said:

    Kim,Kim,Kiiiim! first rule of amature photoshop : use small brush! She obv. used the gigantic brush and…this is what she got. Personaly,i have nothing against her using photoshop,she is just being a celebrity who is living out of her looks,and her imige is making her money,and she is critisized for it…desperet times call for desperate mesures.

  20. daniella Said:

    Kim K has already admitted she is a big fan of using photoshop. That she does it to almost all her photos Duhh of course, why would she not do it to this particular photo? Everything about her is fake and photoshopped.

  21. Nocha Said:

    LOL WTH! IT IS NOT PHOTOSHOP! you can see clearly the reflection on the ground shows that the door is curved and if you concentrate on the ground it is completely normal!

    Get a life haters;)

  22. kathy Said:

    moi je dit que c juste un effet d’optique qui est cosé par le miroir dans le quelle elles se prennent en photos c juste des reflet qui font sa !!!!

  23. ceh Said:

    Yeah obviously use of liquify and smudge. Theres a site called hackerfactor dot com that proved it. They also photoshopped their stomachs.

  24. Andra Said:

    I couldn’t care less

  25. Christopher L. Tolbert Said:

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  26. Miss G Said:

    ”The stripper” got a name though. I guess Kim is never going to be satisfied with what she got just like all of us. We always trying to make something about ourselves bigger or smaller. I just can’t get over the fact that she would do that to her baby… Thats just a little crazy tho.

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