Video: Kim Kardashian Makes Post-Baby Appearance, Lies A Lot

Spotting a liar is a skill as essential to being an It Girl as making the perfect dirty martini, walking flawlessly in 5-inch Loubs or snagging a prince. One easy way to tell if someone is spouting false info is to watch their eyes–people tend to blink when a fib sails out of their mouth, as if to subconsciously shut their eyes to the lie.

Now, in a totally unrelated topic, watch this video of Kim Kardashian‘s “surprise” appearance on her mom Kris Jenner‘s talk show…

Very interesting darlings, don’t you think? Could KK simply need some eyedrops or is she, like the rest of America, not at all into her mom’s chat show?


  1. Stephanie Johnson Said:

    I feel like that’s kind of how the sisters talk sometimes, batting their false eyelashes and tilting their heads.

  2. Sara Hart Said:

    Oh that really did not make you cry and the Kardash family is also called the word alot, Trash!

  3. Samatha Said:

    I personally think that this girls are just playing with people to get more and more fame every day. They are really so fake, that even the eyedrops didn’t look like real hahaha. I hate people that tries to call attention just because they’re nobody.

  4. Bre Said:

    She’s exhausted, can’t you tell?

  5. jeezlouise Said:

    So the whores mom has a show now?

  6. B. Delsigne Said:

    Geez, who are you calling a liar? I’m sure Kim believes everything she is saying. Why can’t people just leave them alone? Love them or hate them, they stick together like nobody’s business.

  7. lisa Said:

    what the fudge is the mothers show about ? why the fudge are they famous ?

  8. Amber Said:

    She is also shaking her head no, while saying how great everything is and how much see loves her mom’s show.

  9. Vernon Alarcon Said:

    ditty dopey dooty puffy fluffer & the k-bangers

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