Cute or Ew: Kim Kardashian’s Post-Baby Bikini Body Magazine Cover

From the moment we heard Kim Kardashian was pregnant, we all knew the day would come when she triumphantly revealed her post-baby bikini body on the cover of some magazine, crowing about how “hard work” and “lots of veggies and protein” were the reason she’s now back in her skinny jeans. Not, you know, “surgery” and “photoshop.”

Sadly minions, that day is here and it’s just as annoying as you thought it would be.

Kim K graces the latest issue of Us Weekly, with the promise of revealing how she got back in shape after the birth of North West, the person.

Kim Kardashian


The mag throws around irritating buzzwords like “fat shaming” and “cyberbullying” to describe what Kim “endured” during her pregnancy and boasts that the reality star is showing all the “haters” with her fab new figure.

But let’s look a bit more closely at this pic, shall we darlings? Firstly, I don’t think Kim could inhale any harder–I’m getting winded just looking at her holding her breath. Secondly, knowing what we know about KK’s penchant for nips, tucks and Photoshop tricks, do you think this is truly what Kimmy’s body looks like ATM? If you look at the cover in person, you can see how blurry her face and stomach are. Us Weekly, if you’re going to retouch the hell out of Kim, please spend more than five minutes doing so. And thirdly: Kim, that hair. Just no.

What’s your take on KK’s bare-all magazine cover? Do you think that now that she’s a mom, she should tone down the skin, or is she right to flaunt what her hard work–and maybe a team of doctors–gave her?



  1. Nell Said:

    You do realise that your whole article was just you hating on Kim. Nothing factual.

  2. L. Disney Said:

    Nothing against Kim, but I do think it’s PhotoShop.. and I think that because, when you look at the two pictures of her in comparison, the big one just seems kinda out of proportion, meaning in my opinion; her head looks to small in comparison to her body.. or is that really just me?

  3. Kimk Said:

    She looks awful shes always been fat, shes holding her breath so bad she couldnt even smile besides she has man shoulders and shes a brunette with blonde hair, shes fugly

  4. Hannah Said:

    What a horrid article. It’s not that bad & I think most of us would breathe in if we were on the front cover of a magazine in a bikini. Is this all you’ve got?

  5. Hannah Said:

    Lol wow @kimk I didn’t realise you were a supermodel? Funny how some are so quick to judge. What a comment, not a nice thing to say. I wouldn’t say I’m a kardashian fan but I didn’t realise everyone else was so perfect.

  6. Tiffany Said:

    I can tell she’s sucking in, to be honest. Her face says it all.
    But, I’d also like to point out having curves (as in boobs and a butt) doesn’t make anyone fat. She’s never had a big stomach or arms or legs. She’s just a real curvy woman!

  7. ohlala Said:

    It’s pretty obvious that she had surgery. On the KUWTK Christmas special she couldn’t move her face because of all the botox! And her nose becomes thinner with the months! Tracy Anderson told soon that Kim wasn’t a good trainer, so it’s pretty obvious that if your’re not a natural fit person, then you need a little bit of “help” (aka surgery) and it’s ok! I mean, idk why celebrities hide that they had surgery when it’s SO OBVIOUS!

  8. Sarah Turner Said:

    wow this article was rubbish! whoever wrote it has problems! who cares if she is sucking in, who cares if she had surgery she looks great and as long as shes happy then why does it matter im so sick of the media bullying and faulting every single flaw they can find! and you wonder why our generation have low self esteem!

  9. Mary Said:

    What is it about Kim that makes her attractive? Her butt? Well Beyonce has a big one and she is beautiful. Dont get me wrong I am not trying to hate on her but c’mon open your eyes people!! There is literally nothing special about the Kardashians except the sex tape and their wealth which helps them achieve clothing lines and such. Think about it if you saw the Kardashians on the street without them ever being famous or rich how would you react???

  10. Anna Said:

    Look at it this way. If you were a celebrity who was constantly followed and was on the cover of several magazines, in a bikini I might add, wouldn’t you suck your stomach in?

    With the surgery, everyday people do it too, not just celebrity’s. if someone has the money to afford these surgeries, then why shouldn’t they have them?!

    This article is filled with no information whatsoever and is basically just an article to show, whoever is writing this’, hate for Kim.

  11. James Said:

    I am not a KK fan, but she is beautiful and looks great. I am sure he stomach is airbrushed a bit, but hell if it is not then good for her.

  12. Jodi Prince Said:

    It’s really sad that this article was nothing more than a hate piece! She’s just had a baby not long ago so if she feels comfortable to be that size and show it to the world good on her and as for the nasty bunch of insecure morons above you make yourself sound jealous and just plain nasty good luck with all that hate that’s brewing inside you ugly ugly words!!! P.s if that’s fat I wouldn’t mind being that size and since some of you are so perfect that you can judge others put a pic of yourself

  13. Sarah Said:

    I’m not a fan of the Kardashians cos the only claim to fame they have is lots of money, but Kim looks stunning! And I’d love to look the way she does, she’s a mother and should show off her mummy curves! She’s such a pretty woman and I think the media should stop bitching about weight, it’s cos of articles like this that theres so many eating disorders among young girls/women. So sad!

  14. Carol Said:

    What are you talking about? She looks so beautiful! She JUST had a baby, not many people can lost the baby weight so fast like she did. And she wears tight dresses all the time, so you can see that she lost a lot of weight! And I absolutely love her hair like this, she’s just really stunning in this new fase of her life. If SHE is happy why would you care about some photoshop in a magazine? Seriously, this article is kinda crappy..

  15. Marwa Jamshidi Said:

    My reply is to Mary’s comment, I can ask you the same thing, if you saw Beyonce on the street without her ever being famous or rich how would you react???

  16. Alphagirl Said:

    Stop what wearing a bathing suit, and you mock her saying bullying as if she isn’t on a second basis, if the vile comments on thousands of sites, including HER twitter, Facebook and personal website isn’t bullying then nothing is. This article is a hate piece, I thought journalist were suppose to remain neutral and write the facts or in your case lies but still remain neutral, well that’s GOOD journalism anyway and clearly you are not one. Epic fail.

  17. Nanie Said:

    Agree with Nell.
    You do also realise that this is just another form of “fat shaming” and “cyber bullying”? No wonder you’re so bitter about Kim. Coz she was definitely talking about you. No, I’m not really a fan of the Kardashians. I don’t follow their life. But I do follow this blog and as a curvy women, I find this article offensive and stereotyping.

  18. Alphagirl Said:

    People who post negative comments do so to make them feeel like they lowered that person and elevated themselves but in reality they did two things, showed theiry soul is dark and said to the world I have issue with myself. They are too ignorant to even realise this. Disagreeing and hating are two different things and if you don’t the difference, one doesn’t include malicious negativity.

  19. natcat Said:

    Yeah.. not sure if any of you have actually seen the show Gossip Girl, but not everything said has to be nice or completely factual. It’s a stated opinion, with a question on yours at the end. Chill. Unless you’re Kim K, I don’t see why an anonymous opinion is such a high concern. Don’t read the posts if that’s how you feel. Trying to be an advocate for anti-cyber bullying by calling people morons doesn’t really work, either, by the way.

  20. Mary Said:

    I don’t really really comment on these things…but the way you are portraying women in regards to their weight is absolutely ridiculous and promotes the culture that we have to be a certain weight in order to look beautiful. It’s incredibly demeaning. I’m am in no way a Kim fan (in fact, I know for a fact that losing baby weight has something to do with what nature intends), but you have girls reading this site with self esteem issues. Please use your media platform widely.

  21. Felipe Said:

    yeah sure guys =D but this is Gossip Girl, it is a spin-off of the character, that’s the way she writes. It is kind of funny

  22. Mareike Brandt Said:

    Guys, this article is not about her weight in particular, it is about her saying she did lost weight. It is about photoshoping and blurring the fact that doctors might have helped her getting thin again. This is NOT about her being fat or anything. Calm down, folks

  23. Maya Said:

    I think she has done nothing wrong to get this awful criticism from the media. She obviously looks amazing for someone who just had a baby, and who are you to judge her for sucking in her stomach in this photo shoot. Any normal human being would suck in their stomach in a bikini infront of all these cameras. let her flaunt her body, as long as she is comfortable in her own skin; this shouldn’t concern you at all.

  24. Laura Said:

    Anyone who is in her 30’s and just had a baby would kill to have this body, I think she looks amazing, there’s nothing wrong on being a little jelous but stop the hate honestly

  25. Carli Said:


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  27. Natasha Said:

    Okay ladies not everyone is FAT after they have children!!! Is it really that hard to believe some people have GOOD GENETICS???? I gained 37 lbs while pregnant with my son and 10 days after giving birth I had a six pack and my bikini body back with absolutely no exercise or diet or anything! My mother was the same! … And if it hadn’t been that way I certainly would not have been hating on women that did loose the weight! We women need to stop belittling one another and start standing together!

  28. Anne Said:

    Wow. What a bully you are. I imagine you saying that to any curvy girl, and it is nothing but bullying. No actual reason to criticize someone who’s trying what we all try when someone’s snapping a photo: to look good.

  29. luxury and lifestyles Said:

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  30. hklove Said:

    She says she took that pic to get back at her haters hmm… you are still big honey, we aren’t fooled by the cameras tricks

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