Is Kim Kardashian Re-Launching Her Singing Career?

Kim Kardashian re-launching singing career

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Hear that, darlings? It’s the sound of the entire Upper East Side (and perhaps world?) shrieking in horror at the thought of Kim Kardashian trying to sing again. I hear that KK feels like she hasn’t taken over the world quite enough with her reality show, clothing line, fragrances and all those weddings… now, she wants to be taken seriously (lol) as a singer.

“Kim has told pals she’s keen to be taken seriously as a vocal artist,” a source whispered (probably while laughing) to a tabloid. “Kanye [West] will advise on the project, which he’s given his full backing.”

Apparently Kim is so determined to make this pop career happen that she’s working with a voice coach, taking songwriting lessons and is even meeting with record companies.

Can we just take a moment to show why letting Kim sing is a bad idea?

Shudder, dolls. I can’t even…

Do you think Kim will actually go through with this (lord help us all…) or should she just stick to annoying us with the projects she has committed to already?

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  1. Juliet Said:

    I would literally kill myself if something like that happens

  2. Shainee Said:

    Maybe she should collaborate with Farrah from Teen Mom, they would be unstoppable :/

  3. Trisha Said:

    I’m not a Kim fan but I didn’t think it sounded all that bad. I’ve heard worse that they play on the radio all the time

  4. sacha Said:

    Do your damn research.. She’s launching a game.. One media source starts talking about singing because she posts a picture behing a mic and you don’t even check if it’s right? She’s been posting tons of pics that say #KimKardashianGame so no she’s not back to singing, poor GG, used to be a fan but the things you write are just getting so dull.

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