Kim Kardashian’s New Reality Show

I hear that Kim Kardashian is making a show about me! Well, sort of. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is said to be producing an upcoming reality show called Young Bosses. I think my minions would all agree that I fit that title quite well ;)

In Touch is reporting that KK is taking the lead on this new show without any help from her momager Kris Jenner. “Kim has decided that it’s time to begin a new career without being under the thumb of her mother,” an insider dished to the mag. “Kris built a reality TV empire, and now Kim is planning to do the same — without her mother.”

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Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for VIOLET GREY

The show will focus on the experiences of young entrepreneurs. And as much as I give Kimmy a hard time, the girl has been pretty successful herself. But Kris has been behind her most of the way, so I’m interested to see how she’ll fare without Mama J pushing her along. Although, I’m sure Kanye West will give her a good slap kick on the butt if she needs it.

Tell me, my little reality TV junkies, would you watch this series even if Kim wasn’t behind it?

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