Cute or Ew: Kim Kardashian’s Swimsuit Selfie

Kim Kardashian is back to doing what she does best: taking pictures of herself for attention. Just a few months after the birth of her poor child, North West (I’m still hoping that name is a hoax), KK feels like she’s back in good enough shape to post this pic on the Internet:



Indeed, Kimmy does look like she’s in good shape thanks to liposuction and fat transfers the Atkins diet, but she’s a mom now–shouldn’t this kind of shameless attention whoring be retired once you have children? Or, my voyeuristic little lambs, do you live by the Kardashian motto that if you got it, you should flaunt it?

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  1. lilly Said:

    Some people shouldn’t have the right of having a child.-.-
    Her poor daughter not only has the ,most likely, weirdest name in the world but also a mother who behaves as if she was 16?? Sad.Just sad.I am feeling sorry for that child.

  2. Jill Said:

    North West really? I still can’t believe it!! I mean common!! Poor child!

  3. john g. drummond Said:

    Damn it! Grl-(Nice A**)-Johnnie Jon

  4. Leti Said:

    EWWWWW she looks like Pumba with boobs !

  5. Erica Said:

    Trust me there are worse parents out there. There are kids out there with the name Facebook…. Idk about you but I rather have the name North than Facebook.

  6. layne Said:

    Wow ^^ some people think just bc you have a child you can’t do anything
    Looks good.
    A 16 shouldn’t do a picture like this.
    However a 20 something yr old should!

  7. Danni Said:

    They aren’t saying you “can’t do anything” if you are raising a child. They are more or less getting to the point that you should be a little more mature and a lot less naked on the internet as a mother. No child should be taught risque attention seeking photos are the norm. Mothers really should be a lot classier. Especially celebs, as people are looking up to them. Being proud of your body is one thing. Posting it all over the internet for everyone to see is another.

  8. Rachel Cullimore Said:

    She is a joke. She is so busy of worrying about how she looks instead of paying attention to her daughter. It’s a shame.

  9. Quxxn Mavix Layne Said:

    Ew…I don’t like her and I never really did because she’s famous for being famous but now that she’s got a daughter with the most ridiculous name ever, she is on Instagram posting pictures of her fat a** rather than taking care of her child. Smh…

  10. Darling Said:

    People should need a license to breed.

  11. Lovely Said:

    if you got it, flaunt it while you got it.

  12. Chloe Said:

    I feel like she still has a lot of maturing left to do and once you have a child, that should start to prosper and teenage ways should be diminishing.

  13. Kristen Said:

    How do you know she doesn’t spend time with her daughter? You DONT. Don’t be so quick to judge her. There is nothing wrong with posting a picture of yourself in a bathing suit. You are all so hateful.

  14. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    Her fucking ass is bigger than an elephant’s. She is also doing that side-boob thingy. It’s not hot. She also must have a lotta shit stored in her. I hope she doesn’t do what Slutena did. Shitting on every fans’ lawn. I hope she shits in her bathing suit after all the emotional shit I’ve pooped out from the years I’ve lived. And trust me girl you do not wanna hear about dat.

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