Dear Kim Kardashian, Start Dressing Like a Pregnant Lady!

I never thought I’d say this in a million years, so take in this moment, dear minions, because it will only happen once in a lifetime: any other shoes would have been better for pregnant Kim Kardashian to wear than these strappy Givenchy sandals — Crocs would even be better than this. I’d still judge her, obviously — but I’d probably judge her less than I am right now.

Le gross ouch, darlings! Kim tweeted this pic saying, “Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?” No wonder why Kanye West is nowhere to be found. Imagine if he had to play the sweet, loving boyfriend and rub those things. I’m so disgusted just thinking about it.

Kim, darling. As a pregnant lady, you can still be fashionable without having to sacrifice your comfort. And heaven forbid you have to wear comfortable shoes, I’m pretty sure we could look past it just this once. (Sometimes, just sometimes, I’m looking out for you.) XOXO

kim kardashian feet


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  1. JRabbit Said:

    Oh sad face…I really didn’t think I could lose anymore respect for Kim…then she got pregnant..not just pregnant but pregnant with the spawn of Kanye West. They are both a hot mess. And somehow knowing this hot mess will self destruct helps people sleep a little better at night

  2. Raejean Said:

    These are really ugly feet, even without the swollen marks.

  3. saybug Said:

    swollen feet,hairy legs,brain fog,….kanye west…all a mess

  4. Jules Said:


  5. Jules Said:


  6. Joe Mama Said:

    Porky got cankles and a baboon boyfriend’s butt baby

  7. Dont Worry About Who I AM Said:

    I KNOW her feet were hurtin’ in THOSE shoes, all those DENTS from the shoe straps?? She’s a real idiot – why would she post a picture of that sh it on Twitter? Tryna be so fk’ing CUTE – with them UGLY A$$ FEET

  8. jms Said:

    It’s what happens when you try to fit 10 lbs. of sugar in a five pound sack

  9. Sugar Said:

    Can u just imagine how unhappy and outrageously insecure she must be now, her only claim to fame being the way she looks!! All the time in the back of her mind,(inching toward the front),”why won’t he stay with me more than a couple of days and who’s he doing behind my back?” She should have known that a 5’2″ woman with a big butt is NOT gonna look good pregnant! Guess her merry-go-round has stopped. I ALMOST feel sorry for her! NOT!

  10. Shut up FOLKs Said:

    She is PREGNANT! Not everyone looks “cute” when they are pregnant. OBVIOULSY Kanye loves her because he’s with her and wanted a child with her. You people believe ANYTHING the media says. That sex tape is NOT the only thing that she has going for herself. She has an empire. YOU all…the PUBLIC and the D-League Ray J made her famous from the sex tape. I’m sure she still would be RICH without that tape. Get a life, people!

  11. Kidd Said:

    @Shut up FOLKs – KK is so incredibly vain that she is willing to put her unborn child at risk. Wearing shoes that tight will have an effect on her circulation any changes in her circulation will effect the baby’s blood and oxygen supply. The high heels are very dangerous on pregnant women not used to the heavy weight. It would not take much for her to twist or break an ankle or fall and hurt the baby. She could have used this pregnancy to develop a line of comy but fashionable maternity clothes

  12. Anabelle Whitepaws Said:

    Ummm… is there a whole body pic?

  13. Snerkles Said:

    It was obvious, before the reveal. Pregnant women usually have
    swollen ankles, and feet…even before they put on the ridiculous

  14. Ralph Said:

    For her being so rich, why the hell does she still use white-out as nail polish??? So Junior High!!! @Shut up FOLKs, we know it’s you Kim, I know because your fingers were to fat to hit the caps lock button. Probably look like Homer Simpson in his moo-moo right about now.

  15. Ralph Said:

    This little piggy went to the buffet, this little piggy went to the buffet as well, hell…..all those mofos went to the BUFFET!!!!!

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