Fashion Don’t: Kim Kardashian’s Footwear Faux Pas

Spotted: Kim Kardashian waddling around LA filming an episode of her reality show (which one I don’t know/care) in an ill-advised white dress–does any pregnant woman look good in such a style?–and a pair of seriously too-small shoes! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PIC!

It isn’t easy to create an ankle muffin top, but Kim managed it anyway thanks to these over-stuffed stilettos. Was this look was more “ouch!” than “oh la la!”?

Oh Kim what are you doing to yourself?! Pregnant women obviously gain weight and their feet also tend to swell. So why she’d stuff her poor little piggies into this woefully unflattering style, I’ll never know. In this day and age, when every designer has a line of tres adorable flats, even I, Queen of Heels, am fine with one opting for a low style.

But even if you aren’t expecting a baby, don’t fall victim to too-tight shoes. Nothing ruins a look like squished toes or worse, ones that hang over the strap or edge of footwear! If Louboutin is out of your size, move on, darlings. Mourn, but move on–never try to downsize in the shoe department.

Does KK need to give up the high fashion and just go for some maternity styles already? Or are you in awe of her dedication to style, even if her feet are paying the price?



  1. Kiska Said:

    I can’t believe that her feet even fitted in these shoes! Kim please start dressing like a normal pregnant lady.

  2. Jenn Barrett Said:

    Which word fits best- ouch, or just plain- EEEWWWWWWW!!!!! ?

  3. Andrea Said:

    As someone who was recently pregnant, I can say that her feet may not have been swollen when she put the shoes on. That used to happen to me when I had to wear pumps at work all day towards the end of my pregnancy. It doesn’t look nice, but it’s sometimes unavoidable. Of she wants to wear heels, that’s her prerogative.

  4. Anita Said:

    I think the fact that this woman could actually look good in a black sack is the reason everyone is so frustrated with how she’s dressing during her pregnancy! Sure it’s harder to feel sexier when your pregnant, but hell just embrace it, stick on a pair of stretchy jeans, a kaftan and a pair of FLATS!! I think looking back she’ll be sorrier about the pictures of the ankle muffin too than, wearing a pair of pumps in public! God forbid !

  5. Brii Said:

    Wtf…this is like the bajillionth photo of her pregnant fashion faux pas. She looks like a stuffed sausage! You’d think with the amount of mirrors she must have around her at any given moment she’d figure out she shouldn’t dress like she’s not preggers! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a woman looking like a beluga whale and swelling while pregnant, but freaking dress accordingly!

  6. Hailey Said:

    Ok, I feel bad for Kim. She’s pregnant and obviously can’t help the weight gain and other things that being pregnant causes. People need to back off!!!!

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