WTF Alert: Kim Kardashian’s $5K-a-day “Booty Tailor”

What does one get the girl who has everything? Why, her own personal “booty tailor” who is on call ’round the clock to hem and stitch her jeans into denim perfection.

A little fashionista tells me that Kim Kardashian employs just such a gent, one Cornelius Clay, and that he alters Kimmy’s jeans to ensure a perfect fit.

“It means Kim can buy jeans, have them altered and be photographed in them within a matter of hours,” tattled a source, revealing that KK has a size 4 waist and a size 10 bottom. “She often has to buy a size up and have jeans taken in at the waist for a snug fit. She’s only 5ft 2in, so they’re often taken up a few inches, too.” 

Kim Kardashian dressed in all white


All this to say, I think she looks far better in pencil skirts and dresses than jeans, don’t you?

I also hear that Kimmy is desperate to drop down to a size zero by the time she and Kanye say “I do,” and working out three hours a day. But I strongly doubt that could ever turn that booty into a such a teensy tiny size. And why would she want to? She’s made a fortune off her rear view, why shift course now?

So, the moral of this is: if you’re saving your pennies for fat transfers to plump your posterior a la Kimmy, make sure you budget in your very own Booty Tailor, too…XOXO.


  1. Kim is a total bitch who thinks she's so great. Said:

    Gossip GIRL F U

  2. Carl Modren Said:

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  3. Lisa Said:

    Gossip Girl, Kim did not get butt implants. She’s had an x-ray to prove it, I love you but cant you just lay off all the plastic surgery rumors? Especially to Kimmy K, she must be going mad hearing all about her ass even tho she proved she hasn’t had anything done?!

  4. lareza Said:

    Dear Lisa,
    PLEAAAAAAAASE! Girl, how naïve are you? Her butt is REAL, real of FAT that is! She does not have butt implants, correct, but she had HER OWN FAT TRANSFER TO HER BUTT. That’s why it will never show as nothing more than her own fat in any Xray. I work at a Plastic surgeon’s office and that is one of the most common questions we get.
    Technically, It is your own butt, but you were not born like that, clearly man made.

  5. Jess Said:

    LMAO Lisa. Can’t beleive people actually stand up for Kim (“Kimmy”) how on earth can people idolize this fake B**** ? Wake uuuuup duh.

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