Kim Kardashian’s Fake Baby Pics

We all know that the first released picture of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s baby girl North will probably go for a gazillion dollars (I’m still unsure how we got to this point in society…), but one of KK’s friends was hoping to be snag some of that money before the official release.

I hear that Kim didn’t trust her close circle enough to send around real pics of North, so naturally she gave them pictures of somebody else’s baby instead. The plot was put into place to track the one(s) responsible for the leak if if happened. And of course, it did!



Someone tried to sell TMZ a pic they claimed was of North, but sources close to the couple say it’s definitely not her, confirming Operation: Bogus Baby!

I can only hope the parents of these imposter babies Kim is sending to her “friends” agreed to this. Otherwise, they’re going to be very confused to see that their newborn is showing up in the tabloids.

Do you think it was smart of Kim to do this, or should she have just kept her pics to herself — and gotten new friends — if she didn’t trust her inner circle?

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  1. Erin Said:

    It’s Kim’s baby so it’s her choice. Leave her alone.

  2. Auggie Said:

    Yes it is Kim’s baby and her choice but the fact that you can’t trust your “inner circle,” that’s just sad, get some new friends cause that’s just pathetic.

  3. Marge Said:

    Yeah, it’s her baby. Plus, she obviously has a reason to not trust her friends if the photo leaked!

  4. Lana Said:

    You know it is nothing to take a photo of a baby and say “Oh this is the photo Kim sent me” i don’t see why Kim would do that and secondly people in this world are really greedy, they sell their souls for riches, so a photo is a piece of cake. People need to stop Hating on Kim.

  5. Raymond Said:

    Does Kim have fake implants on her chest????

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