Kim Kardashian’s Kraziest Looks

One of my favorite celebs to style stalk is Kim Kardashian — sometimes she’s totally chic and sometimes she’s truly outrageous. From insane makeup choices (hello, checkered lips!) to extreme dresses, it’s easy for the spotlight to find her — even if it’s to highlight the misses.

I’ve collected some of her kraziest looks. Check them out below and tell me which one stands out the most. Do you love or loathe Kim’s style choices? Tell me in a comment! XOXO

Lip Service

Tsk, tsk, Kimmy–your past is checkered enough, why bring your lips into the equation?

Photo Credit: Twitter

Personal Trainer

Kim showed up to the MTV EMA's 2012 in this ensemble which I wasn't a big fan of. Although part of me can’t help but admire her for throwing caution–and good taste–to the wind and going overboard in her need for the sartorial spotlight.

Photo Credit: WENN

Cut Out Queen

Looks like Kimmy quick-trimmed the dress she flaunted at the QuickTrim Essentials Kit launch party in London.

Photo Credit: WENN

Flower Power

Who needs a corsage when you've got this dress?

Photo Credit: WENN

Meshed Up

While it looks like this dress is comprised of four pieces, it's all held together by see-through mesh.

Photo Credit: WENN

Spider Woman

The unique top of this dress paired with the tea-length is having me question what was really going through her mind when she decided to wear this ensemble.

Photo Credit: WENN

Heel Bent on Looking Luxe

What's so krazy about this look, you ask? Those unique Giuseppe Zanotti heels she's wearing at Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012 cost a sweet $6,000 and they're made of calf leather and embroidered pearls.

Photo Credit: WENN

Laced But Not Least

Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm not really feeling this outfit, are you?

Photo Credit: WENN


  1. ggada Said:

    never liked her.

  2. Zeina Said:

    Kim im an egyptian i heard that you might have your wedding here in egypt hope you know whats goin on around here its safe not as the media dhows it but i hope your wedding at the pyramids would me amazing

  3. Axel Said:

    I just love her style, she is smoking hot!!

  4. Sarah Rodgers Said:

    i don’t like what Kanye did to her she did not deserve that if he was my baby daddy i would be so embarrassed

  5. jenna Said:

    Well I like her shows but not her style in her real life

  6. Irena Said:

    I adore Kim! Always gorgeous

  7. Alicia Said:

    Some of her styles I love but some are weird. I still like her though but Kourtney is my fave!

  8. hamza Said:

    salut kim kardashin vous et belle hamza je suis algerie

  9. Sunny :-) Said:

    What I get in the toilet better stories out as her in the toilet only her fallst have not understood this, so I would be embarrassed,,,,,,

  10. Hklove Said:

    She “was” midsize where did that look go?? can anyone say balloon?

  11. Hklove Said:

    is that kanye in the background?

  12. SandB Said:

    i mean who does she thnik she is !? she was only married for 72 days i mean really she justs spends money at a fullish way

  13. Luxury and Lifestyles Said:

    Star’s Cars: Kim Kardashian owns 186.925 dollars Ferrari F430

  14. Luxury and Lifestyles Said:

    Another high-class lady in this list is Kim Kardashian and she also went at first for a Bentley GT Continental. However, she soon realized that she needs a replacement and bought a Ferrari F430. Many claim that she went for a more expensive option, similar to her personal life choice to ditch Kris Humphries for more popular Kanye West.

    Read more:

  15. Alina Said:

    I love kim. i think she’s a rally rgeat person and sh eis my rokd model…… if u hav a provlem with her, then dont be mean cuz it hurts ppls feelins gg i like u n all but bullyin aint ok not on my watch gossip gurl k if u wanna be mean to kimmy k then u gotz toget through me frst and that aint gonn be easy just warnin u and all u do is talk talk talk i hope ur ready fr eom fight githt fight bitch haha fuck my ass hooe

  16. Romeo Garcia Said:

    Even that i don’t like it at all…She have a own style and of course she’s 100% more beautiful than Paris Hilton!!!.

  17. Jennifer Said:

    Kim. I suggest you tell someone to stalk her as much as you can GG; get dirt on that bitch. Make her pay.

  18. Emily Said:

    I love Kim I think she is very pretty
    Hope she keeps her looks forever

  19. Cinderella Said:

    Umm…….Alina, you need some serious grammar, spelling & English lessons. Just from reading your comments I can tell you’re probably an obsessed teenie-bopper trying to sound grown up! LOL! You need to look into other options. There’s a whole lot more NATURAL women out there that will not misguided you. LARDASSIAN is NOT the woman, errrr, child to be lusting after. Trust me on this young Lady.

  20. carmen feliciano Said:


  21. SAM Said:


  22. black suede Said:

    I love her however, she been around girl. She is like mother , to me she is making money on her slut tape. About getting slut it out by ray j. That family do not have no talent. Why the fuck it is all about her & her stupid family. The mother is a hooker too. Iam sick of hearing about that stupid ass fuck up family. Let me go, I have so much of bullshit to say. So iam peaceing out. Peace iam out. Ooh yah, Mr.west you is one stupid motherfucker to have a baby from that slut. You are crazy.

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