Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant!

The Kardashian empire has one more heir, darlings. Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly pregnant with her third child. The reality star is apparently a few months along and is insisting to pals that the pregnancy was planned since she and Scott Disick (she more than Scott, I imagine) want a “handful” of kids. For me, a handful is one. No–what’s less than one? A babysitting once-per-year situation?┬áThat’s a handful.

kourtney kardashian is pregnant


But yay, good for her I suppose. Children are sticky annoying loud a blessing!

Let’s star placing bets on what she’ll name this third tot. With Mason Dash and Penelope Scotland already taken, I’m guessing she’ll go for a super avant garde┬áHamptons-inspired name like Montauk or SandCrab or DeerTick.

Can’t wait to meet little LobsterRoll Disick, can you?


  1. karen Said:

    geeeeeeze put a ring on it already

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