Are Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Getting Married?

I’m not sure which is more laughable, darlings: the idea that Scott Disick is actually rich (he is the definition of new money, so vulgar) or that he’s just dying to be married. Call me crazy but he just doesn’t seem keen on settling down, does he? But still, some of my minions tell me that he is just thrilled that baby mama Kourtney Kardashian has agreed to marry him.

And what changed KK’s view on saying “I do”? The death of his parents, says one source.

“Kourtney realized that she’s all Scott has. It’s made her see things differently,” a spy dished to Life & Style. “This is the perfect time for Scott and Kourtney to get married.”

Scott Disick kourtney kardashian


Is it? Your boyfriend mourning his family doesn’t sound particularly romantic to me. But then again, this is a Kardashian we’re talking about–they have a rather warped sense of reality.

I hear that the blessed event will take place in Punta Mita, Mexico at Joe Francis’ estate, but Kourt doesn’t want a big to-do like Kim’s (many) nuptials, just a low key weekend at a $30,000 resort Casa Aramara for her guests and of course round trip private jet flights for everyone.

The pair had their bachelor/ette parties in NYC on Feb 22 (I RSVP’d no, obvs) so a wedding could be just around the corner. I would love it if they beat Kim and Kanye to the alter and stole their thunder, wouldn’t you?  Or do you think that Kourt and Lord Disick will live in unwed bliss forever?

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  1. Melissa Said:

    What is the point of getting married now? I doubt this is true. She doesnt want to get married because of fear it will end up in divorce, I don’t think she would change her mind for pity. Why marry someone just because his parents died? They won’t even be there to see their son tie the knot. She should have said yes before they passed.

  2. Malynda Said:

    Tbh- I think that the death of his parent is a very sad tragedy. Therefore I think it is a horrible time to even think of marriage. Since we don’t know what kind of emotion’s are going through Scott’s head its not a good time. There also is a big possibility that Kourtney is just saying “I do” out of guilt ,and or pity. I think if she truly loved him she would’ve just supported him through it and had already married him since she loves him enough to have 2 babies. This is just my opinion btw. :)

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