Fashion Don’t: Kourtney Kardashian’s Print Overload

Look dolls, I love a fun springtime print as much as the next girl. Why, did you know that even Anna Wintour is mad about florals? But, one can definitely have too much of a good thing. Case in point, Kourtney Kardashian who strutted into a studio in Hollywood looking like a table cloth at a 4th of July picnic.


I should let it be known that I detest denim vests and panel-printed jeans, but I wouldn’t have been so horrified by KK if she had simply chosen one garment. It may have even been…cute, or something. But both pieces together is overkill in the most egregious way.

Could Kourt’s outfit have been saved with a little editing? If she had left one piece at home, which should it have been?


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  1. Rita Said:

    I think both pieces are absolutely hideous! But if she did have to wear one of them, I think she should have worn just the vest mainly because it’s smaller and not as flashy as the pants.
    She looks just awful though… and what’s up with that hair-do???

  2. laura Said:

    Sooooooo Kourtney

  3. Anibal Said:

    I mean all the Kardashians has no sense of style, im sorry they can buy all the birkins bags and all the dior they want but style is what remains.

  4. daniela Said:

    For some reason, I love it

  5. joyce Said:

    Wow she’s so cute,I love her hair st

  6. joyce Said:

    Wow she’s so cute,I love her hair !

  7. C. Said:


  8. Kaitlyn Said:

    That’s where my table cloth went!

  9. Jiliana Pink Said:

    OMG I would never wear that!!!!!!!
    Like Really

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