Will Kristen Bell Be Appearing on the Final Season of Gossip Girl?

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Will Kristen Bell (the voice of Gossip Girl) be making an appearance on the sixth and final season of GG? She spoke about the possibility in an interview with a fan who won the chance to meet her for Pop Sugar.

The series “I’m a Huge Fan” treated lucky winner Madison to fashion and beauty makeovers and also gave her the unique opportunity to meet Kristen’s favorite animal, the sloth, and record some lines for Gossip Girl! She also was able to sit down with Kristen for a one-on-one interview. Check out what Kristen said when asked if she would be appearing on the final season of Gossip Girl:

I certainly would if they asked me. It really depends on how the characters unfold and if they want to villainize someone or give someone the champion stick of being Gossip Girl in the end other than me. Die hard fans know it’s me, but I think normal people who watch the show care a lot more about the characters they see every week. There’s a lot of variables.

Watch the whole video below!

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    Anyone less then Kristen Bell would be an insult to the greatness that is GG

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