Would Kristen Bell Survive on “Naked and Afraid?”

Kristen Bell Screening Of 'Veronica Mars'


The Upper East Side is like a jungle–a concrete jungle, but still a jungle. We’ve learned a lot of skills along the way, granted, the only fire I know how to start is the one with the remote control in my penthouse, and my idea of finding shelter in an exotic location is having my driver take me to the nearest Ritz-Carlton. But if those aren’t survival skills, then I don’t know what is!

Anyway, the world’s cutest actress Kristen Bell proved that even an Upper East Sider could survive out in the wilderness (and I’m talking about the real wilderness, which doesn’t include park benches or Hampton Jitney access.) The Gossip Girl star appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last week and was put to the test to see if she could survive one of her favorite reality TV shows, “Naked and Afraid.” The result was absolutely amazing:

Tell me loves, should K.Bell’s next gig be a contestant on this totally insane TV show, or should she stick to using her (awesome) survival skills for everyday life? XOXO


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