Kristen Stewart’s Career Collapse

Kristen Stewart’s delightful downward spiral continues, darlings! I hear that not only has she cancelled all of her press appearances for her upcoming film On The Road because she’s “too ashamed” to be seen in public after cheating on Robert Pattinson, but now she’s backed out of filming Cali, a terrible-sounding movie costarring Alex Pettyfer.

Evidently actress Amber Heard has no problem scooping up K.Stew’s on-screen sloppy seconds, happily replacing her in Cali which is about “Two lovers who run away after selling a fake snuff film, only to return to Los Angeles years later to rescue the woman’s younger sister from a bad mob.” ???!?

While I try to make sense of that incoherent plot description (are there good mobs?), you give me your opinion on KS’s career implosion: about time or over-the-top? You know you love me…XOXO.

Kristen Stewart



  1. seliyah Said:

    I don’t think she backed out of the movie because she is ashamed I think it is because of the fact that movie sounds freaking stupid… and she thinks that it will be a bad move in her career… that movie sounds like straight to DVD T… no shade just truth I think it is a nice move… But cheating on RPattz no so much.

  2. ggada Said: leave her career just because cheating on RP?hell no!

  3. semra Said:

    The only reason she’s spiraling downwards is that her constant apologies are being used against her and makes her seem as weak.The media will never let her forget.She has apologized and wether or not she is forgiven is totally up to Robert.She has to realize that forgivness is not for the other person.Forgivness is for herself.She has to forgive herself or else it’s going to cripple.Besides,it’s happened to others before but you don’t see them raising the whiteflag.Be a better person. Move on!

  4. psychokiller Said:

    I don’t care how she gets it but she deserves everything that’s happening to her. It’s not karma. It’s called consequence.

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