Kristen Stewart’s New Modeling Gig

If the iconic fashion brand Chanel, known as the epitome of grace, beauty, style and ladylike glam, had an actual face, what would that face look like? Apparently, it would look like this:

kristen stewart

W Magazine

That’s right minions, Kristen Stewart has been tapped as the newest face of Chanel and will be Chanel’s 2013-14 ’Metiers d’Art’ Paris-Dallas collection. The collection will have a decidedly western theme, and rightly so because who doesn’t think of K.Stew when they conjure an image of the Wild West?

I for one can’t get my head around what this line could possibly look like. Luxe cowgirl? Prairie chic? It just doesn’t make any sense to me, nor does the decision to cast Kristen as their spokesperson. Does she really belong beside such hallowed Chanel girls Blake Lively, Kiera Knightley and Nicole Kidman?

What’s your feeling about K.Stew becoming Karl Lagerfeld’s newest little darling? Should KL be forced into retirement for this dreadful decision or is Krissy a natural born model?



  1. ohlala Said:

    she is beautiful and she will do it great!

  2. foulen Said:

    She’s perfect for the role! I love her style and I think Karl’s choice was perfect

  3. maja Said:

    Oh hell no!!!!!!
    This is a chanel crises!!! Ugly as fuck and her face says nothing.. as if chanel girls would be boring! No comprehension to Blake Lively or keira knightley

  4. Rhiannon Said:

    Give her a break! That picture from above was from a shoot showing how people actually look when their faces aren’t caked. She is beautiful and a great pick and new direction for Karl.

  5. kk Said:

    Ewwwww so gross. Shes sooo ugly. I love chanel and this is just wrong so so so very wrong.

  6. Kristina Said:

    I definately saw this coming! So many times she showed up together with Karl Lagerfeld. She looked very good on Chanel fashion show in Paris this year. I think she will be ok.

  7. Mary Said:

    Those who call her ugly are just jealous. Sorry but that is the truth…she may seem boring or plain to you but if Chanel wants her then they saw something we didnt. Those who are hating obviously do not know true talent or beauty. Though I must agree some times I look at her and say “Bless her heart shes trying”

  8. ellen Said:

    She’s a gorgeous girl, and can make tons of emotions. If Chanel thinks she’s right for the job, then I agree. Good on her, she deserves something nice after the Twilight fiasco.

  9. kris Said:

    She will be one of the greatest models for this. I find that she carry herself really nicely with Chanel and she look AMAZING this year wearing Chanel. I am really proud of how far she have come and she is really an inspiration.

  10. Avery Said:

    She’s a natural beauty and unlike every other celebrity shes not scripted. But seriously why are all these basic bitches hating?

  11. T Said:

    She would be perfect for Marc Jacobs. Not Chanel.

  12. Bella Swan is the disaster not K Stew Said:

    Kristen Stewart may seem bland but have you looked at the roles she has played? Bella Swan is basically a nothing character. Kristen hasn’t really been in any real emotive roles so you can’t really judge her.

    She is a perfect choice for Chanel

  13. lilly Said:

    I love Kristen, but I don’ think she is the right choice to represent something so classy and timeless like Chanel. She would just look like a dressed up doll, and I don’t think anybody would want to see that. KL should just retire…

  14. N Said:

    She might pull it off, but definitely not if she’s got her whole “im-always-grumpy” look going on

  15. psychokiller Said:

    Lagerfeld ruined Chanel from the day he sat there.

  16. Nicky Said:

    That’s just a bad picture of her!! She’s actually gorgeous and a great puck for Chanel. Don’t hate just cause she’s not oh so polished and image conscious like Blake Lively and former Chanel models. Team Stewart all the way!

  17. Gaia Said:

    If you wonder what the collection looks like you can look it up on since it has already shown. And yes it features Western Boots and all that western like additions, all reinterpreted the Chanel way. Actually I’m not that into the choice of Kristen to represent the label, put aside her acting skills, I don’t think that she fits as a model. Keira, Blake or Audrey Tautou are all on another level of grace and elegance. But since Lily Allen too was chosen I’ll give her the benefit of doubt

  18. Coco akum Said:

    WTF…..oh no this hell is not happening….its chanel baby…its suppos to be classic…wtf happen to this world….if coco chanel was alife, she won’t let us see thiis day …HELL

  19. Leah Said:

    If Edward Cullen wanted her how could anyone not? She is a natural beauty and she will do a great job!

  20. Cece Said:

    Ok, listen Mary. What really is true beauty? Isn’t beauty a lot of different things? And how do you know that people are jealous? Maybe some people have different opinions than you, and maybe it’s not out of jealousy. Did you ever think that your opinion might be wrong too? Chanel stands for beauty, grace, and standards. Kristen Stewart isn’t that type of girl. I’m not saying she is ugly, or slutty, but Blake Lively, Keira Knightly, and Nicole Kidman have class in common, something K lacks.

  21. Aniya Said:

    Kristen is beautiful. Maybe this is meant to be, maybe Chanel saw something they liked in Kristen. And I for one think that this is great that she is doing something for her career after Twilight! :D

  22. Caroline Said:

    She´s the best, she can do any thing that anyone can offer. Love her

  23. Marita Said:

    This is not good…

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