Kristen Stewart’s Downward Spiral

It seems that Kristen Stewart is handling her split from Robert Pattinson about as well as Bella dealt with her break up with Edward. My little minions tell me that K.Stew hasn’t showered or changed clothes in days and has devoted each and every day to crying and eating ice cream–tres¬†cliche, no?

If you were Krissy’s BFF would you tell her to lace up her best Converse, plaster on her blankest expression and pull herself together? Or, is this little trampire getting everything she deserves?

kristen stewart





  1. Lerato Klassen Said:

    She was The Luckiest gal alive 2 b dating Rob. HE NEEDS TO CALL ME ASAP…. I Hope he’s going to be ok … <3

  2. ripondia Said:

    I was hoping to read that she’s going out with her friends, getting hammered almost every single night and bitching with her friends about her ex, even though it was her the one who teached…oh well, I guess that’s just me

  3. lonelyboi06 Said:

    I think people make mistakes, but they also learn and grow from it. A bad mistake doesnt make a bad person. She needs to keep her head high.. even when the world turns its back on ypu, you will always have yourself.

  4. HaveDreams Said:

    She deserves it.

  5. ggada Said:

    her own fault..

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