Kristen Stewart Goes After Jennifer Lawrence’s Ex

Surprise, surprise. Kristen Stewart is trying to get her hands on someone else’s man. Again. Sources are all aflutter that K.Stew has her sights set on Jennifer Lawrence‘s ex Nicholas Hoult, from whom she split just a few weeks ago.

Jennifer Lawrence Christian Dior: Front Row - Paris Fashion Week : Haute-Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015

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Kristen and Nick are costars in the upcoming film Equals and are currently filming in Tokyo where they’ve been spotted on a aeries of cozy outings. In the film they play lovers, and it seems like Krissy poo is keen on letting life imitate art. Yuck.

Clearly, this would shock and repulse any girl, but especially the spunky and saucy and sexy J.Law. Could Nick seriously find Kristen, with her traffic cone-colored hair and decade old Converse (shudder) attractive?

Kristen Stewart Chanel : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week : Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015

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But that’s not even the worst of it, my dears. Apparently Jen was under the impression that she and Nick were merely on a break–not full on over! Now she’s flipping out that her man may be moving on with the Grub Queen.

Nicholas Hoult "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" World Premiere

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Do you think that Kristen and Nick really are more than costars? Would you be not at all surprised if K.Stew made a play for J.Law’s man? Or could Jen be worrying her pretty little head over nothing?


  1. Awful Article Said:

    What a gross article. #1 it’s just not true. Kristen and Nick have known each other for a while and are starring in a movie together. Nothing to suggest anything else. #2 Even if they were dating, who cares? Nick and Jen broke up. They can see other people — it’s not going after someone else’s man. And surprise, surprise, whatever false and misplaced disgust you have is purely aimed at the woman, not the man.

    Your comments about Kristen are terrible. Stop tearing women down all the time.

  2. Kaila Said:

    Uh hello. It’s gossip girl. This is what she does.

  3. hello Said:

    pathetic “article”… because of “journalists” like this women can never have nice things.. only assuming and nothing else. gross.

  4. Girl on girl hate Said:

    The misogyny in this “article”–really gross.

  5. endia Said:

    What a disgusting article. Shame on you for stooping to this level. BTW, if Nick and Jen are over then she wouldn’t be stealing him, you dimwit, if she’s even interested.

    Such unprofessionalism in journalism nowadays.

  6. Bernie Said:

    I can see him being attracted to Kristen Stewart. She’s a beautiful young woman. The problem here is – YOU are jealous of her as you should be as only someone such as yourself would write this. Unfortunately jealous women are still the most dangerous enemy to another woman.

  7. Jessy Said:

    What I really think is you are further proof that a woman’s worst enemy is the woman. This article is completely ignorant & disgusting.

  8. Sarah Said:

    Does Gossip Girl feel stupid now that EOnline said Jen and Nick broke up in June. That was well before Kristen and Nick worked together. Now apologize. If Kristen and Nick want to date, there’s nothing stopping them.

  9. Rita Curry Said:

    How stupid to be talking about this. They are all grown ups, and can do what they like. Leave, Kristen, alone. So she made a mistake with, Rob. I think she has paid enough.

  10. ladymagneto Said:

    Kristen is a beautiful woman. JLaw is classless, obnoxious, ugly, and talentless. Also. Hasn’t Jsnnifer been spotted with Chris Martin? Who is STILL married? Yet KRISTEN is being torn apart? Wow. This article makes me sick

  11. BooHoo Said:

    Oh cry me a river, what a bunch of butthurt KSpew stans. Can never handle when people call her out for the colossal asshole she is. There is absolutely nothing to be jealous of.

  12. Teri Said:

    Well, I guess everyone on these comments are krisbians. What’s wrong with an article that calls out a girl who cheated and wrecked an entire family? Do you really support that? Do all Kristen fans lack morality? She made her bed, now she has to lie in it! I just don’t get all you Kristen fans condoning cheating…. wait until it is done to you.

  13. Helen Said:

    Ha-ha! Kristen is beautiful !! The ONLY time she is beautiful is when she is posing for a photo shoot and she has her hair washed and is “faked up” in pretty clothes. She usually goes around with greasy hair, looks dirty , and butch.

  14. Lily Said:


  15. ali Said:

    She’s probably after the director as well – and possibly the producer. From her previous behqviour seems like she likes to balance the arm candy with a little casting couch activity

  16. L Said:

    I’m a Kristin Stewart fan and no, I don’t condone cheating. However, why are people still picking on her about it? People make mistakes! Kristin has paid enough for what she has done and it’s time to move on. She is beautiful and talented, just like Jennifer Lawrence. Who is no longer dating Nick. So.. wait, what exactly is the issue here?

  17. KC Said:

    Um, hello? Has anyone on this page ever read/watched Gossip Girl? Her comments about Kristen are not only true, but they’re worded nicely in comparison to other GG posts. If you don’t like the way she writes, you can kindly see your way out of her page.

  18. crisk Said:

    Go kristen, we are with you, is a great actress and a great person !!!!

  19. Jessy Said:

    To the idiot Teri, no one has the ability to walk right in & wreck someone’s home. The 40 something year old man was the one that wrecked his family. He made promises to his wife, not Kristen. She didn’t marry that woman. As usual women putting all the blame on other women.

  20. Kay Said:

    LOL first of all isn’t the TV show Gossip Girl over and Gossip Girl a character in the show? This is real life last time I checked. Kristen Stewart is a person believe it or not. But you all get kicks out of beating a dead horse, which says more about you than Kristen. So unless you’re a hypocrite, “Gossip Girl”, I assume you’re going to throw shade against Jennifer Lawrence for dating a still married man with two kids? No of course you’re not.

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