Is Kristen Stewart Losing Her Hair Over Robert Pattinson Heartbreak?

Breakups are tough, darlings, but there’s no need to rip your hair out over the heartbreak! I’m not saying that’s what Kristen Stewart is doing, but it does look like her hair is thinning out… a lot. The Twilight star has been spotted with a bald patch on the right side of her scalp, and experts are saying that it appears to be caused from stress.

What could possibly be so stressful in K.Stew’s life? I hear that she desperately wants to reunite with her ex Robert Pattinson, but he’s not returning her calls. I understand that breakups are miserable, but the moment it starts affecting my physical appearance, I snap out of it by putting on my hottest outfit, dabbing on my favorite lip gloss, and heading back out into the world with a smile on my face. No man–not even R.Patz, loves–is worth that kind of torture.

Granted, all of this hair loss could also be a result of extensions, but the breakup theory is interesting…




  1. Shannizel Said:

    Isn’t she going to collage?? that could be the cause of the hair loss

  2. Adrianne Said:

    I think that whatever is causing her hair to fall out is none of our damn business. Losing your hair is an extremely painful and embarrassing thing, especially for women and especially for people like Kristen Stewart because she has to endure the entire country speculating about why. Too far GG. And if it is from stress then perhaps we should let her alone to deal with it before she goes all Bynes and has to be institutionalized.

  3. me Said:

    i would guess it has less to do with rob and more to do with the fact that she cant keep her nasty fingers out of her hair..shes constantly messing with it and it always looks greasy…lack of showers and constant pulling on ur hair is bound to rub a bald spot

  4. melissa Said:

    When is KStew gonna admit that she is a lesbian? No wonder she is losing her hair… (Looks like dirty hair with a bad part, to me.) Living this lie must be killing her!

  5. melissa Said:

    Kristen is no lesbian!!!gosh people…reading too many mags ay!!!shame I think its probly from extensions I mean when you famous people always work on your hair so yes its gonna damage the hair …people grow up her hair is not greasy and you shouldn’t talk about stuff if you don’t know the whole story kay!!and her hair prob looks better than any of yours :) don’t be jealous now

  6. pris Said:

    @melissa I agree with you on the fact that people have to stop making up rumours, but honestly she does have greasy and lucky me my hair actually looks better than hers. It’s not because she’s famous that she’s better than us “normal people” in every point and that you can’t touch her.

  7. pris Said:

    *greasy hair

  8. azula the bender Said:

    I am a die hard kstew fan so even if she goes bald… she will forever be amazing… now that i have said my part, i need to go and study by organic chemistry :)

  9. ruby Said:

    She’s a natural blonde who dyes her hair dark. I am too. In certain light, if you get roots their light color next to the dark dye can actually have the effect of blending in with your scalp and looking like your hair is thinning.

  10. Nita Said:

    It’s called having extensions and not taking care of them but not like I’m surprised considering how filthy she always looks. I’d like to see someone who loses their hair from stress and does it, not in clumps but in straight lines. And can we stop with this poor wittle KStew break up crap already? I’m sure she’s so tore up about the fauxmance contract ending. I bet she’s thrilled to not have to poorly pretend to tolerate him anymore.

  11. MunafikStew Said:

    She is ugly inside outside, has dirty mouth, dirty look, no acting skill. She and Miley cyrus are brat spoiled kids who grow up in wrong way. And too bad many teeneger and stupid delusional grown up women who licked their ass and whorsip their shit. Our World is suck for have Kstew and Cryus as role model. A homewrecker and nasty Singer

  12. R Haley Said:

    She is a natural light blonde and when its greasy and roots come in it would appear she is balding, but it light regrowth IMO

  13. krissty Said:

    she is ugly. I hate and always will. I have no more things to tell you guys.

  14. No Said:

    She is not naturally blonde just stop. lol Try hards. Her hair grows brown. Check her roots at the Remember Me NY premiere. Caution: There is grease.

  15. reynoffire Said:

    that sucks! i thought she was beautiful on twilight series, she should take care of herself though.

  16. Dee Dee Said:

    Look for video of her appearance on Good Day Sacramento. Looked like a tweaker, picking at her hair, her face… everywhere. It was nasty!

  17. peloma Said:

    that was a fake relationship. nothing but a showmance.
    and yes, she IS

  18. Advocate of Hair Care Said:

    I’ve always believed in “what goes around comes around” and “you reap what you sow.” Guess it’s Kristen’s time to pay the piper. She was always under the (very) false impression that she was so beautiful and so perfect and such a great actress…..karma is truly a b*tch, there, Kristen. I believe your bald head and waning popularity are proof that your 25 minutes have come and gone!!!!

  19. Hero Said:

    Either she was about to shave bald but decided it was crazy after the first stroke or someone played a bad prank on her.

  20. bjsmith Said:

    I am more surprised at Kristen ‘s appearence lately. I saw a picture of her on her new movie set. Her stomach was fat and floppy. She seems to be out of shape. I don’t like Kristen but I don’t wish her any ill feelings. I think this last year of scrutney from the public has taken its toll on her. She is rich. I dont understand why she and her hair look so messy and firthy. I don’t think its because of her fail relationship with RP. Its basic the gossip that she caused about herself.

  21. womanwithin cocktail dresses Said:

    Spot on with this write-up, I really think this website needs far more consideration. I’ll in all probability be again to learn way more, thanks for that info.

  22. Christina Mcgrath Said:

    The point is people she’s famous her hair is her problem her job was to be an actress, not get caught cheating on her(I want him back so badly, LOOK! I’m losing my hair)Rob Patterson, Really!!THANK YOU, for ruining the whole Twilight experience for fans! She don’t know what she wants to do, be a vampire, Rob’s fiancé, the other women, U get fired for sleeping wit the boss,Kristen you did it to yourself, get over yourself, Don’t loss your hair cause you got caught. Please just stop acting

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