Kristen Stewart is a Terrible Wedding Guest

Spotted: Kristen Stewart turning up to a black tie wedding in jeans and a tank top. Apparently the actress forgot to bring a fancy dress to the New Jersey nuptials of producer Kevin Turen, so just skulked around in grubby denim instead. Last time I checked, NJ had not one but many clothing stores that surely could have outfitted her with a more than suitable style.

If you were the blushing bride, would you have turned K.Stew away at the door for her sloppy look? Or is this just part of her anti-establishment charm?

kristen stewart at kevin turen's wedding






  1. bwestbrook13 Said:

    GG, you should really do your research before you write false shit, if you knew anything, you’d know she borrowed a zac posen lbd from the groom’s sister for the ceremony, then changed for the reception, & while you’re researching, you should also learn not to be a biased colonist, seeing as how you only post negative things about kristen, yet if a cast member from Gossip Girl steps out in a hideous outfit, you can only right positive things about it.

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