Is Kristen Stewart Suing Joan Rivers Over a Joke?!

They say there’s a grain of truth in every joke. Perhaps that’s why Kristen Stewart isn’t taking this one all too well… I hear that Joan Rivers blasted K.Stew in her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva, making a statement about her affair with married director Rupert Sanders (a story so juicy that I still remember where I was when I heard the scandalous news!) But apparently it was no laughing matter for the sourpuss actress…

My friends at TMZ are reporting that Kristen’s lawyer threatened to sue Joan for defamation unless she cut that joke from the book (they claim it’s written as truth). But the Fashion Police host is adamant about it staying in and says that the lawyers have seemed to back down–for now at least.

But tell me, Upper East Siders… does K.Stew need to lighten up a little or does she have every right to laugh all the way to the bank with this one?

Kristen Stewart "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Alternative Views

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  1. FAYE Said:

    Everyone needs to leave this girl alone. It has been two years since the “scandal” was uncovered and Kristen Stewart has been attacked from every direction. This should have been between her and those involved but as usual the parasites (paps) had to have their nose where it didn’t belong. Now Joan Rivers does what she does best take advantage of other people’s mistakes like she hasn’t made plenty herself. The two young people involved have tried to move on with their lives so let them.

  2. Austin Yearwood Said:

    K-Stew should sue.Like the saying goes “he who laughs last laugh best.”

  3. mbcarter Said:

    Where is JR proof there was an affair. All they have are pics of them kissing. Joan bad mouths stars all the time . People need to talk about her daughter the way Joan talks about all the others. Joan would do anything for a Dollar. I quit watching E News because of their reporting sucks and Joan Rivers and her pals on Fashion Police. Why keep punishing this girl over and over? What has she done to any of you tabloid people except keep her mouth shut and not give them any news to report.

  4. Krissa Said:

    I personally HATE Joan Rivers, she makes jokes at the expenses of others and is just an old bitch. I think Kristen should sue her ass off! GO K.S

  5. Carol J Gressettf Said:

    Your damn right she has the right I think it’s about time and she is no sourpuss.It’s none of Joan’s or your business either one. Get a clue and shut up!!! Thank YOU !

  6. Lisa Said:

    I am going to be the only one who believes this but I think Kristen shouldn’t sue Joan. It shows that she truly hasn’t moved and it makes her look bad as a professional actress. I get where you all are coming at and I agree with you that what Joan said was insensitive, but it’s part of her job. And I am sorry to have to say this but if Kristen didn’t want this to happen why would she kiss the director guy outdoors where people could see her while the paparazzi follow her all the time.

  7. Gideon Maximus Said:

    Joan Rivers is heinous. She’s a witch who feeds from other people’s feelings, not knowing that whatever she does, she will always be a nuisance to this world. A forgotten celebrity who will forever bash others who are above her to get attention.

  8. Tab Said:

    Pfft, screw K.Stew, if it wasn’t true, she wouldn’t be pissed — probably broke and looking for some extra cash, too. Joan is a crazy bitch, sure, but I’d rather deal with her emotionless plastic surgery face than that golem who has ruined so many movies that could’ve been good…

  9. Ana Said:


  10. Ana Said:

    It’s old! Joan Rivers get over it! You old, plastic face, seeker for attention b***h! K. Stewart should totally sue her!

  11. V Said:

    She should totally sue her! I don’t care if people gossip about her (or anyone else for that matter) with their friends, eventhough I don’t agree with it, but publishing things in a book is just not okay!! Just because Joan Rivers realizes she isn’t cool anymore, or never was, doesn’t mean she has any right to ‘bully’ the one’s from which she knows that they will keep her from getting forgotten

  12. angelene Said:

    She needs to lighten up

  13. Stephanie Said:

    Lol Kirsten Stewart seriously? Joan Rivers is fabulous. A massive bitch yes but totally fabulous. If Kirsten Stewart wasn’t so busy having an affair and breaking up a marriage then she wouldn’t have this problem in the first place ladies.

  14. Niki Said:

    As much as I hate Joan, there’s no reason to sue her because just like Lisa and Tab said if she didn’t want this coming back to bite her in the ass she wouldn’t have cheated. But not only that she was naive enough to do it outside when the paparazzi constantly follows her. As painful as this is for me to agree with Joan, K. Stew screwed up and because she’s a celebrity whether or not she likes it. People are probably going to be hassling her for years about what she did. Sorry not sorry Xoxo

  15. Once a Cheater, always a Cheater Said:

    This is what happens when you make yourself into tabloid fodder by hooking up with your married director on a public road and then issue a public apology. She’s a trainwreck and everyone knows it, which is why her career is in the crapper.

    Kristen will always be known as the stupid actress who chose to cheat with a married father of two. Always and forever, because that’s who she is.

    If you think that’s the last time she’s going to have to apologize for something stupid she did, think again.

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