Hot Mess: Kristen Stewart’s Makeup-Free Photo Shoot

Why, why Kristen Stewart felt the need to do a photo shoot sans makeup for W magazine is beyond me. The pictorial was part of a “stars without makeup” campaign the fashion mag is featuring, but while I’m sure the W editors meant this layout to be full of fresh-faced natural beauties, the end result looks more like an episode of Cops than a portrait of a glowing young girl.

Don’t get me wrong — it is very possible to look beautiful au natural. However, Kristen looks exhausted and bedraggled even on her best day, when a team of stylists have spent hours trying to coax her into a smile, a pair of heels and decent posture.

After seeing this photo, are you irked even more that Robert Pattinson accepted K.Stew’s awkward apologies? Or does she shine bright, even without pounds of products?

kristen stewart

W Magazine



  1. MariaSalina Said:

    She looks like a drug addict…

  2. rachelgreen Said:

    well it’s not as if she looks so much better with makeup

  3. erinlougheed1995 Said:

    Ugh Jesus How did she even get on screen jobs!? she doesn’t even look good with make up on! and she is such a bad actress like- what the hell?!

  4. xxbarbiebitchxx Said:

    A big mess actually!

  5. pvaldes Said:

    She has no expression AT ALL! The make up helped her and at least it looked like there was something inside her lifeless face, but with no make up on there’s nothing much to do for her.

  6. Rummor Said:

    oh come on she doesn’t look much different with make up on!

  7. Annaliese Said:

    She looks disgusting and ruined the character Bella in twilight.You don’t need a whole crew to sit up and smile! All the opportunities she’s been given even in love and she just blows it all.At least she looks now as I always envisioned her! Lol All that sleeping around is clearly exhausting !

  8. Valentina Said:

    She is beautiful so shhhhhhh she is talented and she is not perfect like everyone ok. Follow me in instagram @vallenttina love you Kristen

  9. Tia Said:


  10. Shell Said:

    Beautiful girl….great actress!
    Quit your hatin’, ladies!

  11. Arthur Said:

    She is great actress but ugly girl.She looks monster

  12. Alessandro Said:

    Beautiful girl:)

  13. Silver Said:

    Kristen is beautiful! If you want to see ugly look at Shenae Grimes! Seriously what’s your problem! I bet you guys are the ugliest little shits in the world and you bitch about her! Geez! I can’t. I just fucking can’t. The fact thatyou guys are so jealous makes me sick. She looks freaking awesome! She is a great actress too and you bet she isnt a drug addict! Seriously! If you dont like her get the hell off this picture because you chodes are crap! Stay off this website or else!

  14. Silver Said:

    At least she doesn’t say people are drug addicts and ugly! So a good fuck yourself to you douches! Hell no i am not gonna chill, bitch! I can’t stand that shit! Freaking sick dicks here! I said “HOLY DICK BURGERS” when i saw those comments. Haters gonna hate! Kristen, you go girl! Keep having self confidence and ignore the jerks because they can leave! I bet all of you are sitting there with shit filled pants and a flat chest! BURN! Thats right! Don’t mess with my boo, Kristen!

  15. Silver Said:

    Horse fuckers! You know why I called you guys that? Because the only species that you can fuck are horses, but then you die because of how the horse is too much stronger and it makes you feel weak! Fuck this! Kristen is amazing! Don’t let this shit pass i am fucking pissed

  16. Silver Said:

    I bet I already put a hundred Brittany Matthews quotes in there but I am proud of myself! I stood up for this girl you guys can fucking kill her, oh do you look good in orange? Nope! You look fat and crap crapped in orange! Bitch no! Little shits here! Em, LuLu, Han, Jackie, back me up.

  17. Jackie Said:

    Hell yeah! Fuck right i’m gonna back you up! Damn we besties these shits can fuck it!

  18. Isabelle Said:

    She usually looks awful with make-up. Not sure if she does it or someone else, but she usually looks like she’s on meth, and also just went a few rounds with a boxer. Like this, she even looks worse!
    Oh, and Kristen lovers, I’m a beautiful, 31-year-old woman, who looks great without make-up, and hardly wears any. No wrinkles either, but a great figure. :P I also have a way better sense of style, though that’s not hard.

  19. Yaya Ramonah Said:

    she is a very talented celebrity and beautiful. before you judge other people , make sure you are perfect first . :)

  20. Hannah Said:

    Don’t fucking judge her, you humanzee looking fuckers. Not everyone looks gorgeous without their eyeshadow palet and lip gloss so shut the fuck up since you don’t look much better. Twat forest here, for shit’s sake. Literally, if Icould explain what some people say about celebrities today. I know she may be a bitch, but it is because of you guys. She wants supporters but you guys just fuck her in the ass with your painful crotch comments of a bitch face you Kristen haters are. Damn right.

  21. Hannah Said:

    Hey, Kristen haters, ever hear the quote “If they don’t like it, fuck ‘em”? Well, that’s how I think of you guys. You tell Miley haters to get off the page, well, I tell Kristen haters to get off the page. In fact, if I was in a room filled with all the Kristen haters, I’d shove chopsticks up each one’s ass. FUCK YOU GUYS! HATERS GONNA HATE! I swear to you, if I see one more hater comment, I will chop your head off.

  22. Jackie Said:

    Hey, Hannah , I’m a Kristen haters and I’m here! so…what’s next? I’m waiting for u to chop my head off. But have you ever think before said it? How you gonna chop my head off? Hmmm????
    Be careful not to lose your own head before chop mine.
    sorry I’m not sorry, everyone can comment what they feel. Right? so I said what I think and u too. So please don’t acted like u never hate anyone. You don’t even know me, Would you chop my head off? Do it, if u can. But take care of your own head. xoxo.

  23. rikki need Said:

    SHUT UP ALL YOU HATERS! she is really pretty yall are just haten cause your jealous so SHUT UP!!!!!

  24. Anna Said:

    What the hell all you people that are sayin stop hatin blah blah blah would you seriously SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!! We say what we feel deal with it

  25. Educated Fuck Said:


  26. Isabelle Said:

    @Educated Fuck, It seems to me that people are fighting over whether this girl is pretty or not. I don’t see what everyone’s problem is with her. Maybe it’s because she cheated on Robert Pattinson, or maybe it’s because she got to be with him at all and she doesn’t deserve it. Anyway, it really doesn’t matter because this is just a bunch of BS I don’t care about, so maybe I should just get off this Kristen Stewart page right now.
    And also, why haven’t we heard anything on Kristen since this?

  27. wendyr Said:

    She looks heroin chic. The look she’s achieving is one many of yoUcould NEVER pull off. She’s freaking beautiful. Good for her. Perfection.

  28. klove Said:

    shse looks like a drug addict who is hi and has been tourtered

  29. talk shit and your going to get hit Said:

    Klove your sooooooooo. Stupid wearing make up and girls stop hating on her just becuz shes famous,dates cute guys,and she is pretty without make up shei fun,pretty and weird at sometimes

  30. Alina Said:

    ppl heed to stop this i have been bullied b4 so i know what it feels like tk kristen srewart thats why im standing up to all u dullies STOP STOP STOP!! GG STAKE THIS IMAGE OFF THIS ARTICLE IS TETTING BAD ATTENTION AND PPL R GETTINNIT TO UR RUDENESS THAT AINT GOOD u should b ashamed of urself gg lettin all this cyberbullying come on…… ill report this website u aint a nice person f da hellllllllll ye off

  31. Whitney Said:

    I think she is a terrible actress. I don’t think she is being talked about anymore because she is so talented. She is only relevant because she was in the most popular teen movie franchise ever made and anyone who casts her in a movie is trying to cash in on her following from that franchise. I think who she dated also propelled her career, but because she is no longer with Robert Patterson, a lot of people don’t care about what she is doing.

  32. Stephanie G. Said:

    Her fame has peaked! Its all downhill for her now. She only gets cast in crappy movies that no one wants to see. No one likes her because she is socially retarded. The only thing she does well is gives pissed off looks.

  33. Bitch Said:

    What an ugly bitch. She is so fucking ugly. I can’t believe God put such a disgusting person on the world. Ew. Just ew. Maybe if her face was burned off, she’d look better but what am I kidding? She looks awful and nothing can fix it. Fugly bitch lol Who agrees?

  34. Alina Said:

    Omg u r a bitch! idk y ppl r bein so mean! this = worst cyberbullying i have seen! U SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED!! hate this so much!

  35. Rebecca Said:

    You are rediculous. Kristen Stewart is a bitch, and you shouldn’t be defending her. If you had a piece of mind, okay, maybe you woildn’t be commenting that she is ugly, but you wouldn’t be trying to wipte this article of the face of Earth. I think you should just sit back, maybe.

  36. Alina Said:

    well i apolojise far maeking a GIRL FEEL BETTER ABIUT HERSELV! FUVK OFF!

  37. Rebcca Said:

    I can’t even make out what you’re saying. It’s like you’re a five-year-old. Can you get your mom to put this in for you?

  38. Lucie Said:

    She look’s EXHAUSTED and like they’ve just done her makeup for twilight!!!! This is supposed to be inspiring to not wear makeup and still look BEAUTIFUL but W mag is just persuading us to by makeup and spend all are money on it!!!
    P,S; LOVE ur blog!! <3

  39. Jennifer Said:

    Poor RP! I’m sure KS vision on the photoshoot was…um, different to the real meaning

  40. Gossip Girl Said:

    Oops, look how much drama I caused! You’re all in for more, every single article posted. And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.

    -XOXO Gossip Girl

  41. taylor jones Said:

    Stay cool.Kristen your perfect at being Bella in twilight because I watch it almost every’s so cool.even if I’m you all.see you all later.

  42. SAM Said:

    What is she a zombie

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